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My mind is pretty blank right now, but still wanted to post something. So this will be another post about nothing, which is kind of the purpose of the blog so posting this post about nothing does make sense, if that makes sense to you?

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Home from work, got the washing machine started, had a tomato & mozzarella snack to tide me over for a while before cooking of dinner can start. Unfortunately there is no good food at home, so I have to go to the grocery store, which I can not do until the washing machine is done. If I put it on pause and go shopping it will not finish before it is so late that the neighbours wont like me, so dinner just have to wait.

I am using my time during the wait for brain practice, I have nice friends that sends me links to addictive brainteaser, not sure if that is good or bad. Good I guess to train my brain to be even more fantastic than it already is, bad because I’m stuck in front of the computer all the time, so I never use this new fantastic brain of mine, except for when I am at work of course.

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Once a Week

Have decided that once a week I should do something new, that I haven’t done before, to widen my horizon a bit. I will start this week with the cute little fish market not far from where I live. An early(ish) visit to buy some fresh fish that I will then cook to a yummy dinner in the evening.

Think I will spend some time finding interesting and fun fish recipes until then. Anyone that have any to share?

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Train thoughts

Me and trains have a very strange relationship. We all know that when I am to ride a train it will be delayed, cancelled or something else strange will happen, it’s the train jinx.

But when I sit on the train and there are not to many people, I sink down in my seat a bit and disappear into a book or a magazine, the world around me doesn’t exist anymore and I get me some me time. If the train ride is not too long the time passes way to quickly and I just want it to continue. On the other hand, if the train ride is too long, I snap out of my comfort zone and get bored, because sitting still for too long doesn’t work for me.

Thinking that I maybe should take a train somewhere in south of Sweden this weekend, to get me some train-time, and if I don’t decide beforehand where I’m going, the jinx might not be on to me, and the train will run as per schedule.

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I can’t think of a good title for this post

Just had a look at the schedule that I created during yesterday mornings procrastination and realize that I am a bit behind today as well. So now, with coffee next to the computer, I’m trying to multitask a bit but it is really to early in the morning for that.

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A bit sneaky at work, but I guess not really on a public blog

Am sitting with my favourite thing at them moment, SQL queries, that gives me some spare time while I’m waiting for the machine to think, and bring back the answer to my query. And what better to do than update my blog during working hours.

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How to procrastinate in the morning

  1. Actually get out of bed when the alarm rings, only to make coffee and then go back to bed
  2. Make silly calculations in excel on when you have to get up to meet a specific time at work, with time estimations of each step you need to go through in the morning before you can leave, complete with some advanced formulas of course.
  3. Update your blog.
  4. Realizing that your blog is not included in the above calculation.
  5. Adding blogging to the above calculations as well as making some changes so that you are still on schedule.
  6. Talking yourself into believing that you have done too high estimations in the above calculation, so you still have plenty of time.
  7. Refilling your coffee.
  8. Read some online magazines.
  9. Realizing that reading the paper is not included in above mentioned calculation.
  10. Etc.