Posted in Absolutely Nothing, Sick

Poor, poor me

I am sick again, being sick is no fun, especially not when you are sick all the time. This time I’m stuck with a sucky earinfection, that includes fever and pain.

However, I’m not sure about my whining and feeling sorry about myself allowance is that big, since it has had a record quick development. I woke up yesterday morning with pain, last night it burst and the pain goes away, that is only one day people. Today it doesn’t hurt, it just run, so I am walking around with toilet paper stuck in my ear. Neither sexy or fun.

At the same time I am not home alone but on my friends couch, and she is being all nice and sweet making me coffee and stuff, so can’t complain about being all alone either.

Well, if I think hard and long enough I might find a reason to confirm the title of this post. Until then.

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