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Health status

Who’s health do you want to hear about first, mine, my phone or my mobile broadband?

Well since you are still reading, lets start with the non me parts, the cellphone is being fixed and should be ready by tomorrow, just need to change the display. The mobile broadband was supposed to be fixed, and now at a higher speed, but still not working, so let’s see what to do about that.

As to my personal health, the ear infection from this weekend is all good and dandy, but got another one in the outer ear part, so for that the kind doctor gave me ear drops. Then my throat is a bit sore, and red and after a couple of tests it was decided to put poor me on penicillin, so no fun for the next ten days, yeh right!

To spoil myself a bit, I will now make tacos for dinner, kind of need it for boosting the grown up me to go thru this months bills to make sure they get paid tomorrow when the money hits my bank account. Then after that it will be bedtime for me, have to make sure that I am well rested tomorrow for the Sweden – Denmark game, no matter what I will be in front of a tv watching it. And it will be interesting to see if the proud dane will honour the bet! Exciting, exciting, yeh right.

Sad part is that I am disappointed that I can’t start riding my bike to work and get into and started at the gym thingy

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