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Monday morning blues

Ear still recovering from the weekends ear infection, will keep the yucky details from you, but can’t say that it has been the best night. Waking up with a sore troath does not make the monday morning any better, have managed to get up get a glass of water to swallow some paracetamol, now in bed waiting for it to kick in before getting up and ready for work.

The Monday is not getting better knowing that I have to go and get my cellphone fixed (my own fault), get my mobile broadband stick fixed (not my fault, it just doesn’t work), cancel the gym again, since I’m sick, again.

And then of course it is the end of the month, so time to look after all the bills and make sure they are paid on time etc.

But now, time to quit the whining get out of bed, get dressed and go to work 🙂 I’m sure the week can only get better!

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