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Monday Night Thought

However great it is to have a nine to five job, job security and monthly salary included, I think we all dream away every now and then.  Go out and explore the world, do something that feel like it make sense rather than sitting in front of a computer or in meetings all day. Not that I mind doing that, I do enjoy it, heck if I can play with my SQL queries and create KPI’s all the time, I would probably be pretty happy, but even so, it would be nice to do something more.

So I was considering this volunteer business, go to Africa for six months or a year and teach people how to read, how to grow food, build houses and belive in themselves,  so that they can tell all the smart ass coming there thinking we know better to fuck of.

But then I realized I do not know much about it, what a volunteer really does, for how long, and how you go about doing it (and if my boss is reading this, don’t worry I’m not planning to go anywhere just want to know) so if you do know, please share.

Well, step one for me, I signed up as an volunteer for UNICEF here in Sweden, it’s not like we don’t have kids in trouble here.

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