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Train thoughts

Me and trains have a very strange relationship. We all know that when I am to ride a train it will be delayed, cancelled or something else strange will happen, it’s the train jinx.

But when I sit on the train and there are not to many people, I sink down in my seat a bit and disappear into a book or a magazine, the world around me doesn’t exist anymore and I get me some me time. If the train ride is not too long the time passes way to quickly and I just want it to continue. On the other hand, if the train ride is too long, I snap out of my comfort zone and get bored, because sitting still for too long doesn’t work for me.

Thinking that I maybe should take a train somewhere in south of Sweden this weekend, to get me some train-time, and if I don’t decide beforehand where I’m going, the jinx might not be on to me, and the train will run as per schedule.

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