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Monday Night Thought

However great it is to have a nine to five job, job security and monthly salary included, I think we all dream away every now and then.  Go out and explore the world, do something that feel like it make sense rather than sitting in front of a computer or in meetings all day. Not that I mind doing that, I do enjoy it, heck if I can play with my SQL queries and create KPI’s all the time, I would probably be pretty happy, but even so, it would be nice to do something more.

So I was considering this volunteer business, go to Africa for six months or a year and teach people how to read, how to grow food, build houses and belive in themselves,  so that they can tell all the smart ass coming there thinking we know better to fuck of.

But then I realized I do not know much about it, what a volunteer really does, for how long, and how you go about doing it (and if my boss is reading this, don’t worry I’m not planning to go anywhere just want to know) so if you do know, please share.

Well, step one for me, I signed up as an volunteer for UNICEF here in Sweden, it’s not like we don’t have kids in trouble here.

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Health status

Who’s health do you want to hear about first, mine, my phone or my mobile broadband?

Well since you are still reading, lets start with the non me parts, the cellphone is being fixed and should be ready by tomorrow, just need to change the display. The mobile broadband was supposed to be fixed, and now at a higher speed, but still not working, so let’s see what to do about that.

As to my personal health, the ear infection from this weekend is all good and dandy, but got another one in the outer ear part, so for that the kind doctor gave me ear drops. Then my throat is a bit sore, and red and after a couple of tests it was decided to put poor me on penicillin, so no fun for the next ten days, yeh right!

To spoil myself a bit, I will now make tacos for dinner, kind of need it for boosting the grown up me to go thru this months bills to make sure they get paid tomorrow when the money hits my bank account. Then after that it will be bedtime for me, have to make sure that I am well rested tomorrow for the Sweden – Denmark game, no matter what I will be in front of a tv watching it. And it will be interesting to see if the proud dane will honour the bet! Exciting, exciting, yeh right.

Sad part is that I am disappointed that I can’t start riding my bike to work and get into and started at the gym thingy

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Monday morning blues

Ear still recovering from the weekends ear infection, will keep the yucky details from you, but can’t say that it has been the best night. Waking up with a sore troath does not make the monday morning any better, have managed to get up get a glass of water to swallow some paracetamol, now in bed waiting for it to kick in before getting up and ready for work.

The Monday is not getting better knowing that I have to go and get my cellphone fixed (my own fault), get my mobile broadband stick fixed (not my fault, it just doesn’t work), cancel the gym again, since I’m sick, again.

And then of course it is the end of the month, so time to look after all the bills and make sure they are paid on time etc.

But now, time to quit the whining get out of bed, get dressed and go to work 🙂 I’m sure the week can only get better!

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Poor, poor me

I am sick again, being sick is no fun, especially not when you are sick all the time. This time I’m stuck with a sucky earinfection, that includes fever and pain.

However, I’m not sure about my whining and feeling sorry about myself allowance is that big, since it has had a record quick development. I woke up yesterday morning with pain, last night it burst and the pain goes away, that is only one day people. Today it doesn’t hurt, it just run, so I am walking around with toilet paper stuck in my ear. Neither sexy or fun.

At the same time I am not home alone but on my friends couch, and she is being all nice and sweet making me coffee and stuff, so can’t complain about being all alone either.

Well, if I think hard and long enough I might find a reason to confirm the title of this post. Until then.

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Monday Morning

It is dark, cold and Monday morning, I do admit it is a bit hard to get out of bed. I did manage to get up for the ten minutes required to make a yummy cappuccino, but now I am back in it.

Figured I can take some time, read some online news and enjoy the cappuccino before I have to get up and get dressed, pack the gym-bag, decide on what to have for lunch, make my morning smoothie and head of to work. I think we all can figure out that I am a bit behind schedule, but at the end of the day good life quality is super important, and having time to enjoy my cappuccion is increasing my quality of life!

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Train madness

I wonder when my bad luck with trains will end.

Today the train was delayed from the start, and just kept getting more and more delayed, then all of a sudden the train was on time again, surprisingly they did manage to catch up with the time schedule, probably by speeding. But then, the computer kicks in! It seems like the computer on this train is very worried about hitting something or whatever because it hits the breaks all the time.

I am starting to worry that all these crazy stops (amazing no one got hurt yet) will once again delay the train, and I will never reach Gotham City 😦

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To go or not to go

It is little Saturday here in Sweden, one should maybe go out and enjoy themselves a bit, but it is warm inside and it is cold and dark outside. It is one though decision, and based on past experience, going for a quiz by oneself usually do not end with a win. But who knows the man of my dreams might be there, or my new best friend, one never knows. But no, don’t think I can be bothered getting of my chair…but I might have fun…who knows 😦