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Cappuccino Time

Need to do something about this mental block about getting out of bed in the morning, it doesn’t really matter when I go to sleep, getting up before 7:30 seem to be impossible.

For you that have been following this blog you know that I, in one of my moments of morning procrastinations, created an excel schedule for my morning routine. It ‘s a great plan, but it does require me to wake up at 6:59, even a baby can count out how many times that has happened.

This morning, I am enjoying a lovely cappuccino and are being very greatful for the adorable bunnyslippers I got for christmas, when it is dark and cold, nothing beats sticking your feet into the bellies of two very cute bunnies, but they are warm.

Five more minutes of sitting down, sipping my coffee then it is time to make a move.

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