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An afternoon on the playground

When it is nice and warm outside, it is nice to not have to be at work. Instead you can hang out on the playground with the best big sister in the world and the best two little nieces.

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You know that spring is here when the lizards are out

In the summer house we have the coolest little pets, well maybe not pets as they live somewhere underneath the house not in it. They do love sunbathing, and you know it is spring when they are out on the front porch enjoying the sun. I saw the first one today.

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A day in the countryside!

The things you get to see while you are spending time in the countryside. One of my first experiences with the big outdoors yesterday was these frogs. According to the frog expert (my mother) the big frog is the lady one and the tiny one that she is carrying around on her back is the man frog. I take it that she has figured out how the keep her man, and to make sure he stays out of trouble, just put him on your back and he will never be out of sight!

Just to make sure that there are not too much countryside and easter food (since it is easter), what better dinner to eat than tacos. And for once this is not a picture of one lonely little dinner, but a table full of food. How can it not be when the house is full, 4½ grown-ups and two kids.

Time passes quite quickly when a day is spent in the fresh country air. But there was still time for a long walk in the evening. It is hard to not take pictures of everything you see when the sun is setting and the light is just amazing. I took some pictures and have sorted out a few of them, just so that you can see what amazing surroundings I am enjoying for the moment.

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My Tree 21st of April 10:22

You can start seeing the green stuff.

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Things to do with your time when unemployed

At the moment I’m sitting on the couch at my parents summer house enjoying the peace and quiet of the country side. My sisters to children are suprisingly quiet at the moment but I know it will not last, so enjoyment time.

Since it is Easter and time of for most people, I am taking a time out from getting up at 8:30 in the morning and applying for a whole bunch of jobs. Instead I read good books and think about life and what one should do with it, since I don’t know how much longer I will be without a job I must do something with my time.

The lucky people that are getting stuck with me is the local Save the Children organization. Apparently Sweden have been criticized by the UN for not sticking to the Convention on the Rights for the Child, and something needs to be done. I have time and energy so I figured I can help!

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Last day of Italian Cooking Class :(

Today we met up for the last session of this springs Italian cooking class. Since the sun was shining, how can you not end with a nice Barbecue? For the Italian bit, I think I will leave it up to the Italians to determine if it is the case.

Really bad that most of the pictures where way to dark to see what is going on in them, but here are some 🙂

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How personal can one get in a blog

There’s loads of blogs out there, one thing I’ve realized is that some are more personal than others. The more distance you have from your audience the more personal you can be. If you are doing a blog for a daily paper far away from the readers then you are allowed to tell everything about your life.

My blog on the other hand is mostly read by my friends, or at least Facebook friends, so I can’t really be personal at all. You are not allowed to be unhappy on Facebook (or in real life), so I can’t post a post about being unhappy. I am, some times, not all the time, it’s up and down like it is for all of us.

To be realistic, the world we live in is just asking to much. We are all supposed to be super smart with an kick ass uni degree in our backs. After that we get super good jobs, meet the perfect partner, have a few kids and live in the best part of town and not to forget we are all happy.

Hands up if that fits you!?!

Not that many, right, but we all want to pretend it. Who wants to admit to the rest of the world that you are not happy and perfect all the time?

Well, I have decided that I am willing to do that. I do like my life, but not all the time. I feel alone sometimes, I feel happy sometimes, I am satisfied sometimes, but not all the time, not all the way. I want more, and are looking for more, and I refuse to be ashamed of wanting more.