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The best snack ever

There’s no better snack than tomato and mozzarella, quick easy and yummy.


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My Tree 13th of June 10:27

It has been a while, I know, but here is another picture of my tree.

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A little inspiration

It is Friday morning and I’m sitting at work, while starting up the computer and all the different programs that I need for doing my job I had a quick look at one of the online papers and found an article about this young girl that has cancer.

It does give you some perspective on life, I was in a super crappy mood last night because my flip-flop broke and I had to walk around with only one shoe for a while. It ruined my whole evening, after reading Alice’s little blog, and seeing the amount of money that has been donated thru sponsoring her sisters race, my mood have picked up.

Inspirational indeed!