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The Globe – Fish n’ Chips

Today the hunt for the best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen started with a trip to The Globe. With me today as my fellow judges was Miss Legal, Miss Responsible and Mr Grumpy (no they did not get to pick their own nick names so they most likely will not be all happy).

The downer was that I forgot my phone at home today so I couldn’t take any pictures, but Miss Responsible was kind enough to use her magic Ipad to take one and forward to me. I am surprised that she didn’t take a picture of the Guinness also, since she wanted us to pass judgment on that one as well (no I did not have one since I am still not drinking, 2½ weeks to go).

Yes, yes, I know; move one to the subject at hand, how was the actual Fish n’ Chips.

Me and Miss Legal was a bit early so we had to sit and wait for the other two, working up an appetite while doing so, thus it was a good thing that once we ordered the food, it didn’t take to long before it was received. The service was surprisingly good for being an Irish Pub since we had table service all evening even for the drinks, much appreciated.

The Fish arrived looking like it should, unfortunately the chips weren’t really chips, but potato wedges. They tasted good, but since they where not the crispy chips we expected we haven’t scored them on crispness.

The fish itself was cod, which I understand is the one and only correct fish to use, so points for that. There was disagreement on the crispness of it and the texture of the breadcrumbing, but still high scores. Unfortunately the fish didn’t taste that much, even I put extra salt on it and that doesn’t happen often, also the texture of the fish wasn’t really up to par. It felt a little bit like the outside was fried to extreme crispness and the middle didn’t get enough of cooking.

Another thing on the plate that wasn’t really expected was the salad, who has ever heard of salad together with greasy, unhealthy food such as Fish n’ Chips? It has not been passed judgment on as it should not be a part of the dish (but it was good, fresh and with a nice dressing).

The sauce according to the menu was supposed to be a homemade Tartar Sauce, but the general consensus (except for Mr Grumpy) was that it tasted more like a bowl of mayo. But Mr Grumpy might have added some extra points to the sauce due to the fact that there was real vinegar on the table, something I think he might have been the only one that appreciated it.

The Fish n’ Chips at The Globe costs a whopping 95dkk, I do not know at this stage if this is a lot, average or cheap here in Copenhagen, that is something we will have to revisit. Will keep track of the prices as well, it will be fascinating to compare the rating of the food with what we paid for it.

Finally, the actual scores of the evening and the first ones handed out.
Mr Grumpy kindly informed us that he knew the Fish n’ Chip standard in this town, and that we were too though on the food we ate tonight, so it might be that we have to revisit The Globe later on this year when we have tried out some more places. Always though to be the first.

To find your way to The Globe to test their offerings (and completely disagree with us if you want) here is their webpage:

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