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Kødbyens Deli – Fish n’ Chips

The expectations on the second round of Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen were high, mostly due to reviews read on the good old internet, forwarded to me by one of todays fellow judges, Mr Grumpy Jr. It turned out that our expectations were way to high which pleased the other fellow judge of the evening, Mr Grumpy himself, that still claim that The Globe has some of the best Fish n’ Chips in town, and at the moment he is right.

But I guess I am getting ahead of myself now. The target for tonight was a place called Kødbyens Deli, that is located in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district. Just to make sure that we got into the right mindset for a take-away hangout, we stopped by Jernbanecafeen for a beer since everyone knows that Fish n’ Chips is best after a bruski or two.

It turned out that neither of the Mr Grumpies had attended before, and now they finally got to appreciate a small pub with trains everywhere, and their very own beer. With this start of the evening, it almost turned out to a;

Let us judge the sunky Bodegas of Copenhagen!

Rather than a Fish n’ Chips review. But we did manage to get our butts of the couch and onwards and towards food.

The Deli has two versions of their Fish n’ Chips, one for guys and one for girls. The girly version doesn’t include any chips at all but instead you are getting a salad with some cucumber sauce. Needless to say, we all chose the male version.

It also turned out that this cute little take-away place sold wine with the fish, they even had a house wine. We weren’t brave enough to try it, Mr Grumpy Jr quickly settled for the Chardonnay, that he even was kind enough to share.

Getting the food didn’t take too long, but I have to say, and I think the Grumpies pretty much agreed, it was kind of a sad sight. They both agreed that the green stuff showed a sign of effort on the presentation side…I don’t agree. A plastic box rather than newspaper, or just paper! And the food kind of didn’t really fill out the box instead it just made the portion look smaller than it already was.

So the fish, it was Cod which is the correct one. But it also remind you of the fish sticks that mummy made you when you where a kid, the one she pulled out of the freezer. The batter was pretty thick, according to Jr, it was way to thick, which one can agree with when seeing the pic to the left. It does look a little bit like there is more batter than fish, but it was nice crispy batter though.

One can’t talk about the fish without talking about the taste, right? Wrong! It was almost impossible to taste the fish due to all the salt, big chunks of salt.

When it comes to the chips, we might have to reconsider our definition of what a chip is. For the second week in a row we are receiving potato wedges rather than chips. This week we choose to call them mini wedges. They tasted good, a lot better than they looked, but they are still not chips thus no points for crispness. Average on flavour even so.

Enough with the bitching, the service was great, they where polite nice and they let us sit in their take away place to eat the food, it was raining outside so we didn’t really want to go back out there. And as mentioned before, this feels like a proper F&C place so atmosphere scored high, there is definitely a concept here that can be developed.

The scoring however took place in a completely different place, at least I felt awkward sitting in such a small area where they most likely could hear what we where saying, giving low grades on their food. They ended up with an average less than last weeks The Globe, and even though it was cheaper the portions where small so can not give a proper verdict on value for money. Give me a couple of weeks and I might have a formulae for that as well.

If you want to find your way to the Deli, you can find there info here

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