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It seems so easy…

I’m reading the paper with all these articles about how we should not allow Syria to torture and kill people. We should not assist any dictatorship with any tools to suppress their people, we should do all we can to make sure the world is free.

But the world is not that black and white, is it? The freedom fighters today might me the dictators of tomorrow. The dictators of today were sometimes the liberators of yesterday.

We didn’t know then and we don’t know now. And once the collaboration has started it is not that easy to break.

We sit here in north of Europe, pretty safe and comfortable. It is easy to write articles about how the world should be and what we are doing wrong, but what do we really know?

Next time you want to save the world, please provide a project plan, and don’t forget the milestones and deadlines!

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Come to think of it…

It might be worth to start-up the non-alcoholic challenge again as well, but with a tweak. I mean, September is coming up, one of the most boring months of the year. I started a new course at uni, and in the beginning there is always plenty of energy and ambition so it is better to focus. I also have my work cut out for me at work, so guessing there will be quite some time spent there, that should make the non-alcoholic challenge easier.

The tweak will be this though;

I will be allowed alcohol one day of the week, if I want to that is.

If there is one thing I know, it is that if you completely forbid something, you will want it. So I just have to make sure that I choose my one day wisely.

September 2011 the (almost) alcohol free month! Anyone wants to join me?

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The New Project

Since I now have completed my Race For Africa, I feel that it is time for a new project. I have several on-going at all times, one being the Fish n’ Chips mission but that is something that is ongoing without a determined end day, as there can always be new places added to the list as well as re-visits to previous places. And one of the reasons behind putting my projects on the blog is to ensure that I actually complete them, thus I need one with an end in sight.

This Monday, my university course Classical Horror, started, and I’m now considering making a Blog Project out of this, just to make sure that this time I complete the class and really sit the exam at the end. The reservation would be how fun it would be to read a blog about me studying, reading books and writing assignments…at the same time that would be a challenge as well, write so that people want to read.

I guess it has been decided then, the Classical Horror Project is on!

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Another morning on the train…


A good morning on the train, yes my body is hurting a bit but as the geek has been saying since the pain started; it is good pain.

I’m a bit late into work today, due to a quick visit to the doc just to make sure that the eardrum has grown back together after this Friday adventure, it had.

Now I’m about to eat my brekkie 🙂

Think we have a good day ahead of us…

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I freaking f*cking did it!!

Today was the day, and I did it! It was a cold, grey, rainy day and on top of that I had a cold, I spent the day walking up and down the stairs at work being out of breath wondering how on earth the race would go tonight.

It is a bit unlike me to dress the same as I don’t know how many other people, but since they were nice enough to give me this (horrible color) pretty t-shirt, why not, I figured that for once I might as well just be a part of the masses. There is even a video of me in the pit warming up with the I don’t know how many other people. That is a video that shouldn’t make the time of day at any point though…

The reason there is pictures of me from this race, is because one of my friends actually braved the Tuesday night and bad weather to cheer me on at both start and finish, including holding on to my stuff while I was running.

I started out slow, trying to keep my own pace and I say I think I managed it, since I managed to jog the whole time, not a single time did I stop to walk (no need to mention the people who pretty much walked the same speed as I was jogging).

Once I reached the goal (in super rapid pace according to this picture and the friend that was watching (according to him)) I grabbed the promised goody-bag and  then we left.

It was nice to see that the goody-bag was nothing more than expected…full of random stuff that you do not really need. And I am still trying to figure out the choice of color, who knows next year it might be a color that I like…




How to finish of an evening like this? Well, me being me, I proudly walked through town and into a bar in my turquoise t-shirt and number tag on, just to show the world that I did run, and to sit in a bar with the outfit on drinking a beer.

Once the first beer was sipped I changed out of the shirt and into proper warm sweaters.

I have to say that I am very proud of myself for running the race, completing it over expectation after the last week with a cold, and that I for once completed a project that I started. As previously mentioned, I am very good at starting projects but not as good at finishing them. By running this race I did not only run a race for the first time in a long time, I also completed a project, showing myself that I can. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of the donations to my little cause. Each and every donation made me want to run a little bit faster and a little bit more. So thank you all of you for helping!

And of course, the time and place…I have to say that I am darned pleased with my self…imagine what I could do without a cold!

And hey, you know what; it’s not too late for a small contribution…

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D-day is here! Or should I say R-day?

It is finally here, race day! The day that I have been training for, giving my heart and soul to..hmm, maybe I shouldn’t go that far.

It’s cold and windy outside, I have an annoying cold that wont let go, so how the actual running will go tonight, that I don’t know. I happen to be the only one left of the original four that was going to run the race, and all these nice people have donated to Unicef because I am running this race, so I will get around the track doesn’t matter if I have to crawl on all four!

First I have to get trough this day…can’t say it has started very good, that mean it can only get better which is a good thing for tonight!

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You want to be careful with what you ask for, you never know what you might find! This is just two examples of the questions in a search engine that will lead you to my blog…