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Heeeeelp I’m a grown-up!!!

It is a bit scary actually, I’m one of those people who decided a long time ago that I would never grow up. But right now, looking back on the afternoon/evening this far I realize that I might have anyhow…scary.

Since I scrapped the second half of the non-alcoholic challenge, I was considering meeting up with friends after work and have a beer or two. But I also had this to-do list that I had been writing during day, combined with my body being in pain (and a lot of it) after three days in a row with exercise, so in the end the verdict was to go home.

I have loads of energy, must be all the working out, and since getting home I have;

  • eaten three taco mini-tubs
  • carried boxes down to the basement
  • dismantled one shelf in the basement
  • done one load of laundry
  • done a whole bunch of dishes
  • eaten two more taco mini-tubs
  • done the taxes from one of the countries I worked in last year as I just realized that I forgotten
  • folded clean clothes and put them away
  • paid for the race I’m running on the 30th
  • watched two episodes of Master chef Australia (doesn’t make me grown up but it has to be mentioned, I love it)
  • reading up on how to spend less money
And all this after spending the whole day at work. It is a bit scary I feel. And I still have energy left in the body, so I might do some cleaning or carry another box or two down to the basement…

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