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Bishop Arms, no Fish and Chix, no Bishop Arms – Fish n’ Chips

There was some confusion today. The original plan was to check out the Bishop Arms but as the weather was so great, and you never know how long that will last for in Copenhagen, we decided to change the venue to Fish and Chix as this is an outdoor eating location. Or I should say, was and outdoor eating location, since when we got there it was very much closed.

As we walked over to the closest venue for some warm-up beers and to wait for the rest of the fellow judges to join us (two expected and three maybe’s that no one was expecting) we found out that the place had been closed for some time now. As this is one of the places that comes up on top of most the searches when looking for Fish n’ Chip places in Copenhagen, I will do my best to spread the word.

Well, as you can understand we went back to the original plan of Bishop Arms. And we tonight were of course me, the writer, Mr Grumpy (the only fellow judge that has attended all three sessions), Da Teacher, The Tourist and finally the return of Miss Legal.

The first thing we realized as we sat down at our table, was the free dinner available underneath it. Since the weather is absolutely amazing, you can imagine how empty a dark and gloomy pub like this would be, and one would expect the staff to have time to properly clean up the messes that previous guests make on and around the tables, but apparently not. There was a nice big chunk of chicken some bread and a chip. At least we now know that there are chips and not potato wedges available and that would be a first.

This is one of those places that you want to go to and order your food a little bit before you are actually hungry, again the place was almost empty and it still took almost 30 mins before we got our food. But once we got it, it was worth the wait. Finally! The fish n’ chips that was put in front of us actually looked like fish n’ chips should, including proper chips.

There where two pieces of fish, one big chunk and then a small kids version, with proper batter, crunchy batter. I have to admit that I forgot to check the menu for the type of fish, so we just assume that it was cod. And as mentioned the chips looked like real chips. The only problem being the crispness, they should have just thrown them in to the deep fryer together with the fish as they where a bit soft and soggy.

With the fish there where two little bowls, one containing the Tartar sauce, that was properly approved of. The other one was pea humus (according to the waitress) which was just cold mushed green peas, nothing else, strange. There was also vinegar on the table which the two brits approved of, no onelse really cares.

Unfortunately today the food was not the main focus. After the dinner found under the table the non-cleaning continued to the bathrooms. Again one would think that with so little to do, the staff would have time to clean the ladies rooms, but apparently not. It was not a fun trip, which all three women of today agreed on. Fortunately for Bishop Arms, the toilets are not a part of the grading.

The cost of  todays Fish n’ Chips were a whopping 149dkk, but at the same time, it was the best we’ve had  this far. But it would probably be better to eat them as take-away rather than eating in.

To see the full list and scoring of Fish n’ Chip places that we have visited, just click here. And if you have suggestions for places that serve Fish n’ Chips, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

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