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Today’s morning run

I confess, I didn’t go! Last night I pretty much just passed out on the couch around ten, still this morning I was dead to the world. Either I’m coming down with a cold, or I have just been working out a little bit too much lately, it is a bit tough on the body to go from no exercise at all, to five days a week.

One thing that I have learnt over the past couple of years is to listen to my body, if it says no it means no, and that should be respected, thus today became a day of rest, but I think that i  will go for a run on Friday instead.

There is also a small motivational problem. I had two things that motivated me to go out running. The first being able to run 5k on the 30th of August, that goal has been met already when I ran 5k this past Sunday, and in 32 mins which is not that bad, yes I will try to run faster but it doesn’t seem to have the same incentive.

The second motivational factor was the collection of money for UNICEF. And as that one seem to have stalled as well and I am running low on ideas on how to induce more people to donate a small amount, it’s not working as well as it was before.

But do not despair…I will run again!


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