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Kräftskiva – A Swedish Tradition

A while back I received a party invite with snail-mail, that looked like a crayfish. It was nice that for once not just receiving a Facebook Event Invite, something I have the habit of doing myself,  but that someone take the time to find out your address, print out the invites, put them in envelopes and send them. I think that when you receive the FB invite it is so easy to accept or being tentative without having no intention of attending at all, while with a proper invite you check your calendar and make an informed decision.

Paper invites take time though, and in today’s busy society, we do not have time to do the work!

Anyhow, the party invite was for last night, and today I am hanging out in my bed, drinking coffee while feeling sorry for myself, my head hurts like hell.

The party was held by Vincent (yes, I usually don’t write out people’s name, but Vincent is just Vincent, not possible to re-name him) who was the “teacher” of my Italian Cooking class. He is a character and so is his home and friends (in other words, great for my new phone app).

It is nice when you come to a party, where you only know the host, and the other guests just accept you. You are straight away included in the conversations, no one is looking at you with the “Who is she and what the heck is she doing here?!?” look. And I think the best part was that there were no other corporate people there. There where no one that wanted to sit and talk about containers and which director that did what and “How on earth can he still work here?”. I was loving the whole night.

First thing that happened was that my semi-defrosted cray fish was put in to one large pot. Thank good that Vincent realizes that not everyone go and purchase the crayfishes two days in advance so that they can slowly defrost as per the recommendation on the package, no some of us go and buy them an hour before it is time to leave for the party.

He also set up a cool long table out in the small garden of his very special house. It became quite obvious pretty quickly that this was not an ordinary crayfish party as the tables very not very movable, thus if the rain comes (which it didn’t – awesome) then there are no way of quickly moving indoors as per tradition. In Sweden, all the outdoor parties held during the summer should be movable as the rain is always around the corner. It is something that you grow up with and just accept.

Before we were allowed to sit down at the table and start eating we had to go the trail for the Tipspromenad (Google translate is translating this into Quiz, but it is not really a quiz it is a tipspromenad. You make several questions and give three answer options that are denoted as 1, X or 2. The questions are usually ridiculous and stuff that you might now – if you are lucky. These questions are then hung up on a trail through very unwelcome territories around the garden. Guests take it really seriously and spend much time on accusing each other of cheating when the team behind them come to close while you are discussing which ridiculous answer is the correct one for this crazy question.) where I was assigned two team members. I kindly informed them that I do not take kindly to loosing and that only a win was good enough – We Won!






As the night went on people became happier and crazier. There was a collection made around the table for one of the guests to be able to purchase trees in Israel. Do not ask me how this came about, because I am not 100% how it happened.

It did however move the conversation on to my Race For Africa and how badly my collection is going. This then make Vincent feel like he should train me in how to get money of people.

  1. Tell your friends that if they want to continue being your friend they have to donate.
  2. Take their wallets and take money out of it.
  3. Do ANYTHING  required to get them to part with their money (I will not list the items he mentioned, they are not proper and not sure it is legal to do some of them in exchange for money).
He also gave me a jar and sent me around the table begging, while every now and then throwing in some coins from a big paper bag. Some people did part with some of their cash, which will now be donated on the site as ‘Vincent’s Party Donation’ and hopefully I can get the bank in Denmark to accept all the weird coins that Vincent chucked in because they are world money…
There will be an update on the Jar!
As I have a Pub Quiz to make for tonight, I insisted on making my way home last night, silly but appropriate as I know if I stayed I would’ve spent the whole day down there, leaving for home in the last-minute and been late for the quiz. So I was sent of to the bus with a blanket and a bottle of wine to keep me on my way home. I must have been a funny sight walking through the city central early this morning.
But who cares! It was a great night…and I even got a picture of the moon.

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