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A sign of my ignorance?

Reading about Greece again, and I just can’t understand how demonstrations and going on strike will improve finances.

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The sun might be out – but it is still autumn

And with autumn comes dark mornings and dark evenings, the air get a specific chill to it. People start spending more and more time at home, spending afternoons and evenings with friends doesn’t seem to have the same allure to it.

With autumn, comes the autumn depression, you do not have the sun and the light to give you that extra boost of energy. Getting out of bed in the morning gets harder the darker it gets. Finding energy to do things in the evenings gets harder the darker it is.

Every year is pretty much the same, we Scandinavian people should be used to it by now. I’m not.


“I don’t belive that for a moment – there are too many people that never had a soul to sell.”

In response to the comment that “everyone sell their soul to the devil at some point”

#4 Håkan Engström

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A little bit silly maybe!

But I got a comment on one of my posts, yey.

This might be a good day after all.

(and yes boss, will get off the computer and ready for work now)

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The morning mysteries

It is yet another morning, and I am amazed as usual.

I wake up before the alarm goes of, feeling rather awake and ready to go, but since the alarm haven’t gone of yet I decide to stay in bed and just enjoy the cosyness of a warm bed in a bit chilly apartment. That I do this, is not what amazes me though.

The thing is that the moment the alarm actually goes of, I become very sleepy and just roll over and decide to sleep for five more minutes. It happens pretty much every morning, only exception is when there is something that I really want that is happening, then I can jump out of bed the moment the alarm goes.

I guess that these are one of those mysteries that will never be solved.

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The gadget dependancy

This afternoon my phone stopped working, telling me that I could make emergency calls only. Since now a days the phone is less a phone and more everything else, that made my life hard. I couldn’t check Facebook while being out and about, something I could live with, worse however was the fact that I couldn’t check in anywhere. If have caused me to lose any of my hard-worked for Mayorships on Forsquare I will seriously consider changing provider.

It was oki while I was still in CPH with Miss Legal enjoying an afternoon chat, phones stop working, it happens. However, when I got home the internet (yes, same provider) wasn’t working either. THAT my friends, is a big issue. I live with internet, when at home by my self that is the link to the outside world, the one thing that is telling me I’m not alone in the world, being without it is horrible. Horrible!

It also made me realize my dependency on one thing and one thing alone,, and I do not like it. I think there might have to be a change here, and a television (that is not supported by

One more thing, a lady was supposed to come by and buy some shoes from me this evening, do we think that will cough up the cash for income lost?

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Progress on the picture wall

In my apartment there is a large, white, empty wall that I decided to use as a picture wall. The idea is pretty much to hang pictures of family, friends and places that are important to me. The problem has been the age of digital, where there are loads of pictures on my computer but you can’t really hang that on the wall.

Today, I finally got around to order some printouts of some of my favorite pictures, so all I can do now is wait for them to arrive in the mail.

And then I guess I have to go purchase more frames once they arrive.