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Another try at what we think might be Fish and Chix – Streckers instead Fish n’ Chips

Let me start out by saying that I am dead tired and wish I was in bed right now, but after last weeks delay by a whole day I do not dare to do it again. Da Teacher will most likely hunt me down and do evil things to me if I do, so here goes;

Todays Fellow Judges;

  • The ever-present Mr Grumpy
  • The for ever correcting Da Teacher
  • And the lovely Miss Legal

Last week when we went to The Irish Rover for Fish n’ Chips we walked by a place that looked exactly like the Fish and Chix place that we tried to visit in Kongens Nytorv but was closed. The funny part being that the square we found this place in is called Nytorv (without the Kongens before) so we figured this might be the place. Thus we took aim for todays Fish n’ Chip session, but alas it does not seem to be meant to be. This after some confusion as there is one bar called Charlies (where me and Miss Legal conducted todays warm-up session) and one bar called Charlie Scott’s (where Mr Grumpy and Da Teacher conducted their warm-up session).

The thing was as well, that I did not expect the place to not be open, our guess is that it closed due to the heavy rainfall of today (and every other day this summer), so there was no back-up plan. And yes, one can think that a world city like Copenhagen have an abundance of Fish n’ Chip serving places, this is not true. However Mr Grumpy did save the evening by remembering this place called Streckers, and there we went. It wasn’t until I came home that I realized that a place called Streckers is on the Fish n’ Chips list, give it a couple of minutes more and I realize it is not the same place as we went to today.

The food was quickly served compared to the drinks, there was a promise from the guy behind the bar that someone would come to our table and take the drink order. This did not happen until I accidentally spoke a little bit loudly about the to be or not to be regarding the table service. It seem that the waitress heard my monologue and rushed to the table to take our order. Once that was done, it didn’t take long for the drinks to arrive either.

From the staff and the menu card, we were prepared for the fact that this was to be Danish Fish n’ Chips rather than British (also called classical) Fish n’ Chips.

One example being that it is clearly stated that the sauce is Remoulade rather than Tartare sauce, for this reason the sauce has been graded as sauce. Honesty always work in the end!

The food arrive, and the first comment was “What is that green stuff?”, yes there was salad on the plate, and this is noticed before the thin little chips that very closely resembled McDonald’s fries rather than chips. The lemon that was served on the plate was deemed more likely being the left-over from someones G&T rather than a squeezable lemon that would spread some lemony taste over the fish.

There was no vinegar or ketchup served or offered with the food. We did receive salt and pepper though, very lucky indeed as I, who never puts extra salt on the food, had to salt both the fish and the chips to get some taste.

But in the long run, I should be happy, at least my batter contained some fish! Da Teacher was unlucky enough to receive a plate with a nice chunk of batter, not to bad tasting, but not much fish in it.

The food in it self scored high points today, this might be due to the disappointment of one closed place, the expectation of not being able to eat this weeks ration of F&C and then the excitement of finding a place that serves the same. This combined with the fact that we ate much later today than usually, might have contributed to the upper level scoring of something that is not really F&C. Or we have just lowered our standards since we started this mission.

It might also be that we did not deduct enough points for the blocked ladies toilets that made a trip into the mens room required. There was also the candles that Da Teacher claim being mosquito repellents, I have a cold so I can’t say, Miss Legal tought that they are more like grave candles.

Either way, we have a new second placer on both lists! The magical lists and all other information is just one click away (hint, click on the rating below).

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