The non-alcoholic challange

Day 5 – Wow that was a blast

Day five, first day of second week (kind of) off the new non-alcoholic challenge. I give you one guess on what happened!

Yep, you got it, I wasted my one day of drinking already on the Monday, so soda, water and milk it is for the rest of the week, but that shouldn’t be an issue (Sorry B-Lady, we will have to do that beer next week…).

What happened was that a friend asked me if we couldn’t meet up for a quick one after work, and I thought why the heck not, completely forgetting about the fact that I only get one day a week. Then when I realized what I had done, I figured I might as well just continue on and made my way to yet another bar with other friends, for some more beer and a couple of little fishies.

Today though, I did wish that I might had been a little more of a responsible grown-up, and at least gone home and hitting the sack in a decent hour. Think I went to sleep around 3am, which mean not a lot of sleep.

Waking without an alarm at seven this morning does show a little bit of responsibility on my brains part, I am very proud of it, but man today is a slow day at work, and I will most definitely go straight home from work and relax this evening!

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