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Is there a dark, deep, brooding vampire out there for me as well?

First time I started to realize what I really wanted out of a man, was when I lived in Aix-En-Provence and had the excuse “I need to practise my french” when watching the TV. I had discovered a new show that I never watched before, it was called Buffy.

Buffy’s whole life purpose is to kill vampires, enters: Angel. In the french version of Buffy, everyone spoke french, and this tall, dark and handsome vampire had the sexiest deep voice and those to kill for eyes, I fell in love. Maybe 21 is a little bit too old to sit in front of the telly and dream away into a different world where I would be safe and cared for by one of the most lethal creatures to walk this planet, but I couldn’t help myself. It broke my heart when he had to leave, I mean who cares that he is a few 100 years older, men never grow up anyhow.

Spike never did if for me really, must have been the blondness, the skinniness and the fact that you never really got the feeling that you just wanted to hug him and hold him for ever and ever.

A few years passes, there where Buffy re-runs, and then someone here actually started to own the series on DVD, and I could be heart-broken over and over again when ever I felt like it.

Jump to present: The vampires are back in full force, everywhere you turn there they are. I will admit it, I am a Twilight sucker, but he will never be able to capture my heart in the way that Angel did, I mean the guy sparkles and he’s just a boy, not a real man (like Angel).

Then I found Vampire diaries, that contain not one, but two dark, deep, brooding vampires. One you want to save from himself, seriously of course I would be the one that could save him and make him a good person, and I wouldn’t die on him. However, there is the brother, could there be better boyfriend material?

I mean, someone who is going to live forever, claiming that he will love you forever, that is a pretty big deal. And what’s up with the cuddling, you are a killing machine dammit, it’s like having a cuddly terminator in bed with you. Still, so sweet and understanding, and just in tune with every need that you, or one of your bestest friends for that matter, might have.

So seriously, I am pretty sure that the vampires of today are all in to computers and the world-wide-web. So when you, yes you Mr Dark-Deep-Brooding-Handsome Vampire read this, I am single and you are more than welcome to drop me a line. There is a couple of conditions though, no killing my friends, no killing my family (I might offer up some of my exes if you are in real desperate need of blood) and please don’t drag the whole drama of the vampire world into my city. Also keep in mind that I am a night person, so if you don’t have a magic ring that allow you to walk in the sun, or are one of the sparkling ones, I have no issue hanging out when it’s dark outside.

Eagerly looking forward to hear from you.

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Surprise, surprise there are places in Malmö where you can eat a Sunday Brunch as well, not only Copenhagen. Miss Legal made her yearly winter shopping trip to Malmö today, and we took the time to go for brunch before spending money.

In my personal view I don’t think that there are that many places in Malmö where you can get a decent brunch (please correct me if I’m wrong, and let me know where for future reference), I did get a tip from my sister though.

They don’t call it brunch they call it breakfast but it is served until 1 o’clock. You get to make your own plate of food with basic bread buns, cheese, ham and vegetables. The best part however is the make your own waffle, yum, yum.

After some time hanging on the couch in this little café we left it very full and all ready for a walk through town and some money spending. Great Sunday it was!

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The cosies keep on coming

If anyone have been able to miss it at this point, I have gotten addicted to making cup cosies. The biggest issue this far has been the yarn, as at the moment eco colors seem to be in fashion and most of my friends wants colourful ones.

When yarn shopping yesterday I found this set of several small balls of yarn. It is to thin for a cosy but if I use more than one colour at the same time it does get better. I made one yesterday with two colors but still not sure, might have to try with three of them.

But here you go all my friends, here is the colors that you can choose from at this point, pick two or three and you will have your very own home-made coffee cup cosy. If anyone want a yellow-orange one there is one up for grabs already.

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Sunday morning

What better day to start the sunday than with a run? I do realize that when I wake up and it feels like I might want to go for a run in a bit, maybe having a cup of coffee and a cigarette is not the best way to go, today I could feel it.

The park was dressed up in her prettiest fall outfit today, the colours of the leaves and a peaceful lake made it very hard to not stop and take pictures rather than continue the run. Maybe I can go back later this afternoon and take some and enjoy the beauty properly rather than run past it in super rapid speed.

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Barbie Blanket?

As I am spending my Saturday night in the best way possible with me time on the couch watching movies (almost up to one of the best movie kisses ever in The Notebook) I’ve made some progress on my blanket. I would say that is now big enough for a Barbie doll.

Lets see if it make it to baby blanket size as well or if I manage to get bored with knitting before that. It is getting more fun though as my coffee cosies are teaching me new techniques that I’m practising on the blanket squares.

Down side to this hobby is that it is expensive. I first thought it was because I bought my yarn in the most expensive store in town, but as I tried to find a good place online to order yarn it turned out that it would cost the same with the freight. So all tips on where I can find cheap yarn are welcome.

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A new month – another try

I guess that the new month doesn’t really start until next week, but I have come to realize that I count the month as starting when the pay check hits my account, and that would be tomorrow.

This past month I feel that I’ve lost the nice feeling I got from my last non-alcohol stint, I’ve started skipping the gym to go for a beer with my friends instead. If you do that once that is fine, but it feels like I do it too often.

Also the energy I had from sleeping properly at night and being home on time is gone and I feel tired all the time. I know that the darkness that comes with winter have something to do with it as well, but I am sick of being tired all the time.

Thus it is time again to cut down on the alcohol and increase the excercise again. As of tomorrow, I’m back to cutting down on the drinking, allowing myself one night a week with alcohol intake, I just have to ensure that I plan my week a little bit.

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More knitting

Have spent another night on my awesome couch with my latest addiction of Vampire Diaries and knitting. For you who follow the blog (more or less) you know that I’ve been trying my hand on coffee cup sleeves.

Today I tried a new pattern to see if it was better/worse than the first one I tried. Just by the looks of them I can not make up my mind, I belive the ultimate test will come tomorrow when I pick up my to-go coffee on my way to the train station. Until then at least you get to see what they look like.