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A new month – another try

I guess that the new month doesn’t really start until next week, but I have come to realize that I count the month as starting when the pay check hits my account, and that would be tomorrow.

This past month I feel that I’ve lost the nice feeling I got from my last non-alcohol stint, I’ve started skipping the gym to go for a beer with my friends instead. If you do that once that is fine, but it feels like I do it too often.

Also the energy I had from sleeping properly at night and being home on time is gone and I feel tired all the time. I know that the darkness that comes with winter have something to do with it as well, but I am sick of being tired all the time.

Thus it is time again to cut down on the alcohol and increase the excercise again. As of tomorrow, I’m back to cutting down on the drinking, allowing myself one night a week with alcohol intake, I just have to ensure that I plan my week a little bit.

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