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Last Day as a Smoker?

So this is it? Never again smoking?

Tomorrow I am getting laser treatment to stop smoking. When ever I mention it people have a tendency to react with some skepticism, and I have to admit that can understand them. However, I still haven’t managed to find any negative information about the treatment.

My main issue, is that I have been smoking for so long now that picturing myself as a non-smoker is really difficult. What will I be doing instead? I will have all these spare minutes where I used to go for a smoke, what will I fill them with? Exciting and a bit weird at the same time.

By this time tomorrow, it should all be done. Will keep you updated!

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Every girls dream come true!

In 2009 I moved in to my very own apartment, and since then I have been living with clothes absolutely everywhere. The reason for that was that the small space in the entrance hall ment for clothes was small, ugly and a tiny bit smelly, that is what happens in old buildings. The whole time I have been meaning to fix the space, you know some simple DIY. This year I finally realized that it would never happen, and after Lady T had a guy in fixing her wardrobe I decided to do the same.

Somewhere on one camera or another there are before pictures, since I can’t find them you will just have to do with the after pictures. I am super happy and will now spend the evening going though my clothes, and transfer the ones I want to keep into the my very own walk-in closet! The rest will be thrown out or given away depending on their condition, trust me this cleansing is long overdue.

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Here is the result of the first week of the photo challenge, it was exciting waiting for the input seeing how people interpreted the challenge to start out with as well as the theme (and btw I already have some input for week 2).

Michael provided two pictures this week, I never said that only one picture was accepted. The picture of the building with the 7 birds above it is my favorite picture of the week, one gold star for Michael.





Second (and last) person that sent me something was Mr Grumpy Jr, hereafter called Mr 100 (as per his own request since he was comment no 100 on the blog). He managed to combine my favourite number with his favourite pass time.



Of course not to forget is my own picture, I feel I can’t host a photo challenge without participating myself. This is something that combines my favourite number (7) with my strive to win at all times (medals) and my favourite drink (beer).


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I do realize that some subjects shouldn’t be discussed!

I just can’t help myself on this one. I just read this article that in Texas a doctor have to, before he performs an abortion, do an ultra sound and show the woman the pictures as well as play her the heart sounds of the baby.

Why are so many people against this? I don’t understand. Do we really want to force women to have children that they aren’t capable or willing to have? Why can we not allow women to have the right to their own body? Why should anyone but me have the right to tell me what I can and can not do? If we educate people enough, unwanted babies should only be the exception not the rule. If we educate, and allow birth control as well as teaching people what happens if you do wrong, then only mistakes, exceptions, rape and incest would be where abortion are required and needed.

How can we put guilt on women because they are doing their best for their child, even if it means that child is never born? Do we rather fill our prisons and hospitals with unwanted people than allow women to never give birth to them?

What kind of people want unhappy people just because? I don’t get it!

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Photo Challange – Week 2

I can’t say that the first week was a success, but that doesn’t keep me from continuing the challenge. The result from week 1 will be posted during the weekend, in the mean time here is the theme for week 2;

Books! I love books, I love the smell of a new book and of course I love reading them. Thus this weeks theme will be books.

When you are happy with your  picture then just send it to me on:

The deadline is noon on the 3rd if February at that time I will also post the theme for Week 3.

Knock yourself out!

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You don’t really realize how dependent you are!

I have to say that now when I sit here without all my plastic, I realize how hard it is to live without the, not least a proper form of identification.

I know that the ID card issue might be smaller in many other countries, but in Sweden there isn’t much that you can do without being able to properly identify yourself, not least get a new id card.

Calling the police, that issue both ID cards and passport, I was told that in order to apply for new ones I must have a family member with me, or my boss would be oki if I can prove it was my boss. Since none of my family live in the same city as me, I will not be able to get a new ID sorted until I go to Gotham City the next time.

In the mean time, getting my hands on new plastic is a bit complicated. The new ATM card from my bank here in Sweden has been sent, however it is waiting for me at the post office, and of course I need identification to pick it up. My danish bank wont even issue one before I either show up at the office with proper ID or send them a signed copy of my passport. Amazing!

Since 2012 is my year, and positive thinking is the way to go, I have to see the positive in all this.

1) I am spending less money then usual, since I can’t really access them.
2) I finally get around to getting a new ID card, rather than bringing my passport with me when I need it (last ID card I had got stolen with my wallet back in 2008, so about time).
3) I get new shiny cards!

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The story about a wallet

Some of you might have read about my excitement about a week ago, when I magically found a wallet in the exact same model as one that I got stolen a few years back. However, the joy was not to last!

This Friday night I was spending the evening in Copenhagen, and was obviously not paying enough attention to my bag, at one point in time someone decided to steal my one week old wallet.

I know approximately when the wallet was stolen, and it hadn’t been gone for too long when I started to call and cancel cards (I have too many of them, that is for sure) and there was no cash in the wallet. The two most valuable things was the wallet itself and my passport (please do not ask!), the wallet for the thief I guess, the passport for me.

Now all I have to do is to wait for the cards to be arriving in my mailbox, it does seem that some of them have a bit more problems than others to find their way here, but I will not bore you with that today.

If you are nice I will even tell you the story about the passport, that is a good one!