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A milestone – Starbucks has arrived!

Someone left home a bit earlier than usual today, why? See, yesterday on my way home I noticed that the new Starbucks at the central station finally had opened, and I just had to try it, just to see if it’s the same now I can have it every day.


For you non-swedes this might be a bit hard to understand, especially you guys that live in countries with Starbucks on every corner, until last year (I think it was) there were no Starbucks in Sweden. My closest one was at the Copenhagen airport and only for special occasions.

So this morning I left home earlier than usual to pay 49 Swedish pesetas for a cup of cappuccino. Is it worth the 24 more than the 7-11 coffee? Not to sure about that! I don’t think I will be getting up extra early often, it will have to remain q special occasion kind of coffee.

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7 things one can do on a Tuesday night

Just because I am sitting at home by my self not feeling too tired at all I can just let you all know what I am up to when I’m not out living the high life with my friends.

#1 Stay late at work to finish up things after a three-hour session with your colleagues.

#2 End up on a rather slow train (or it might just have felt like it because I really, really wanted to just be home.

#3 Stop by the expensive grocery store at the Central Station, since you are hungry and too lazy to leave the apartment once you get home. Did mange to get out of there with not too many unnecessary items today.

#4 Spend about an hour trying to connect both your private PC and your work PC to internet without getting it to work. Only to realize that the reason it didn’t work was because of the two different sources of internet you where trying to use. Does however work with only one source/PC at a time.

#5 Send out e-mails to your co-workers only to realize that they will now figure out that you do not have a life, since you are sending work mails between 21:00 and 23:00 (that’s the time I promised myself I will stop working at).

#6 Remember that you were hungry and make a kick-ass chili while thinking out smart ways of improving processes.

#7 Up-date your blog with totally uninteresting stuff (like that would be a change compared to all the other posts).

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That felt damn good!

Went to the gym today and got myself some exercise for the first time since “the procedure” and it was nice. It was back to basics with an old favourite, Body Balance (for those who haven’t been around, that is a mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi) together with my favourite Latte Mum. I was a bit careful, not wanting to overdo it and then have to go back to dear Mr Doc and have more done, so nice and easy, still think my body will hurt like hell tomorrow.

The best part of the evening was something completely different. There is a scale at the gym, and this and the scale at my mother’s place is pretty much the only places where I weigh myself. Over little more than a year I have been trying to gain weight to a more healthy level and a level where I do not feel to skinny. The aim of the game has been 58kg but for the last six months it has been pretty impossible to move past that magic level (my magic level where I think I move in to the land of normal) of 55kg, I have comfortable been sitting on a 54.something.

Tonight I got on the scale and I saw this;

I will now stop obsessing about my weight and it will have to be what it is (as long as I don’t start loosing weight again), and 2012 definitely rocks!!!

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Reasonable expectations

Almost everyday I have a to-do list, well everyday at work and quite often at home (guess that is a part of being a grown-up, there is always something that have to be done). Usually  they don’t get completed and I spend time (in my head) explaining to myself that it is ok.

Yesterday something really exciting happened! I checked all items on my to-do list! It might seem to be a simple list, still once done I had that great feeling of satisfaction when I sat down on the couch and watched telly (and might have done a little bit of working as well) last night.

I wonder if this is a sign that I am now learning the art of writing to-do lists! Or maybe this was just a one-time-go-lucky, time will tell. In the mean time any tips you have for writing and executing a to-do list is more than welcome!

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7 things to do when you quit smoking

I know it has been a while since I put a 7 things here on the blog, we all know that good things come to those who wait, so here goes;

  1. Wonder where the hell all the extra cash has gone.
  2. Ensure that you have pretty nails at all times (gives you something to do with your hands).
  3. Harass your still smoking friends about quitting.
  4. Take short slow walks and feel super healthy because you are “exercising”.
  5. Feel less hung over after a night on town (who would’ve guessed!?!)
  6. Get very annoyed with people who give you a hard time for having a cigarette under the influence.
  7. Eat, eat and then eat some more!
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#15 P.C and Kristin Cast

The question of what we are can only be answered by ourselves. We each decide what we are by the life choices we make. How we were made, who are parents are, where they are from, the colour of our skin, who we choose to love, all those things do not define us. Our actions define us and will keep.defining uscuntil even after death.

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The train chronicles continued

So this morning was an eventful trip to work. We had a super long train, at least one more train set than usual and the train was going very, very fast. I was sitting in my seat enjoying my book and my coffee, and had just put down my coffee on the table in front of me when it happened, someone must have stood on the breaks (we were informed later that the emergency break was used even) and both my phone and coffee went flying. The train was pretty full despite all of its train sets and I am very grateful that there was no-one sitting across from me since I was a bit slow in catching the coffee cup. Whoever sits down on that seat might get a little wet on their behind.

Then we sat there, in the tunnel not moving, I feel for all the people that are not happy with tunnels, it must have been an uncomfortable experience, especially when the smell of burned rubber starting sifting through the air con system.

I was very divided this morning, I do love the book I am reading at the moment, and are very happy for each moment that I don’t have to put it away. At the same time I was very hungry and for each minute ticking by the chances of me making it to work before the staff in the canteen came out to remove the breakfast got smaller.

After about ten minutes we were told that the lights would go out, the lights didn’t go out however the train started moving and stopping…I was a bit quicker on the coffee this time and it didn’t spill. The next time the train started to move I decided to just hold on to the mug.

Usually the train drive so fast over the bridge that you don’t really have time to see much, today we crept over, and it was a beautiful morning people blue sky and sunny (did take manage to move my attention from the book for a few minutes to check out the view). The trains that left Malmö after us also had their chance to overtake our slow train, big action on the bridge this morning!

There is a rule saying that if a train is more than 20 minutes late, I receive a free return ticket between Malmö and Copenhagen. This morning I guess they made a quick calculation on what would cost them the most money, and then decided to not stop at the airport, I hope that no one missed their plane for it!

And for me, the rest of the trip went pretty smoothly and they managed to catch up on a lot of the time, thus when I came into the office it was only 9:05 and the canteen staff hadn’t removed the yoghurt yet, so I did get me some brekkie. Now let’s wait and see what the return has in mind for me.