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I had an owie

Yesterday, as I was cutting meat for the big family dinner (you need quite a big chunk when you are cooking for 14 people) I managed to cut myself as well. It’s not a big cut and there was no crazy bleeding, it was just in an annoying place. I keep scratching it and it hurts when I get soap in it and all that, so more annoying than painful really.

I did complain about it this morning, and you know that everything is alright in your world when your mother ask if you want a plaster, you answer yes, brings out all the different kinds she has (she is a grandmother of two little girls that do seem to need them often) and band-aids your finger for you. Even if you happen to be 32.

It also reminds you that not everyone is as lucky as having a mother that band-aid their insignificant little cuts, some kids doesn’t even have a mother. Think of that, and if you aren’t one of those that on a monthly basis donate money to Save the Children, UNICEF or one of the many other charities that work for a better life of those children, maybe today can be the day when you donate a little to one of them. You can find some links in this post.

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#16 Siri

My four-year-old niece’s response to what she thought about my maybe not so tidy apartment;

“Maybe you should build it a bit bigger so that you can fit all your things”

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I think I might have a new project

My sister think that I should use my train rides for something more productive than reading my morning paper and books, her idea  was that I should write a book instead so I can have it published, make money and then not have to take the train. The idea has some merits, with a couple of hinges; firstly I think that she might be a bit objective on my writing skills secondly I do need a subject, it’s not like I can just randomly make something up, right?

I might have an idea on the book, as I have been reading some short-story compilations lately and was thinking that I could try my hand in that. As I sit there on the train pretty much every day, I see so many people and they all do different things, some read, some listen to music, work on their computers or just sit there and stare blankly in to the nothingness. What are their stories? Where do they live? Are they married, have children, are they going to work or just out looking for work? I’m sure it has been done already, doesn’t have to stop me though!

Let’s see how it ends, I’ll give you a teaser to see what you think!

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Easily addicted?

I am starting to belive that I have that nature that you call addictive nature. I’m slowly becoming ridiculously addictive to a Facebook game called Hidden Chronicles. Not sure I know what the purpose of the game is really, it can be

a) to waste my time by waiting for energy to be created

b) try to get me to spend money on buying more energy because I get sick of waiting

c) drive me nuts

Either way, I have become one of those people who fill my feed with updates from the game, so that my friends can click on them and give me a gift (now, I think that most of my so-called friends have silenced me on Facebook a long time ago due to my constant status updates). I also keep harassing my friends with invites to be my neighbour (no it’s not castleville) so that I can challenge them, win coins that I can then spend on things to fill up my garden with. The more things I have in my garden the more estate points I get, and the more games I unlock, so I can make more coins. However, it cost me energy to play the games, and every five minutes I get one more energy bar, it takes eight to play a game.

Thus it take for ever to generate enough energy to play so you send requests to your friends for more…see the circle emerge. The nasty part is that even if you are at work all day and not use any of your energy, there is still no more than 34 energy bars when you come home, you realize how fast it goes to use them all?!?

Anyhow, this is how my Manor look at the moment;

I need energy, money, coins and supplies to finish building my things that will give more estate points. So if you are my friend on Facebook you know what to do…

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I realized something today, that is if you accidentally let someone know that you have a blog, then you can’t really blog about them. At least not if you want to say things about them that you might not necessary want them to know.

At the same time they might not ever really visit your blog again because they might not have the interest to do so and then it doesn’t really matter what you write for the whole world to read (if the whole world was interested).

I usually have no issues with sharing every part of my life here, good or bad. Now I have a dilemma. Do I spill my soul with the risk of the object on hand finds out, or do I for once keep it to myself?

What goes first? My need and want to share it all on the blog! Or my need for an upper hand to ensure that I don’t get put down?

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Morning Bites

For some time now I’ve been wanting to make home-made croissants for breakfast. The thing is that even if you buy the pre-made frozen dough from the store, all the de-frosting, flattening and twisting etc, it’s just too much work for a Sunday morning. However, if you get the frozen already made dough and break it up in smaller pieces, brush them with some whipped egg and put them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, you get a pretty awesome Sunday morning snack for that morning coffee.

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I have fallen in love with this word, seriously isn’t it just awesome? For you who are too lazy to Google it, here goes (according to

One who is curious to know everything that passes; one who knows or pretends to know all that is going on; a gossip; a busybody.

It doesn’t only look pretty cool with it’s q and c and all the rest (waiting for the day I can squeeze that in to one of my wordfeud games) it also have the perfect meaning. I would say that anyone that can be bothered finding out what it means have to have a part of it in his or her blood, don’t you think?

No matter what, I seriously digg this word, and am trying to figure out a way to incoperate it in my home, maybe a painting…