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Kødbyens Fiskebar – Fish n’ Chips

First Fish n’ Chip session in 2012 and the expectations were high. This time our challenge took us back to Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district and my fingers were crossed that the experience this time wouldn’t be similar to the one we had last time we paid a visit. My brave co-fishers was the forever-present Da Teacher and a newcomer to the bunch, Miss Paraguay.

When we arrived it turned out that it is a proper restaurant at the fancier way and a table reservation would have been in place, they did however manage it for us by placing us at the bar. We were given ample time to sit down before the menus were provided, the ordering was quick though since we already knew what we wanted. The wine order (yes, we had wine this time rather than beer, might have been the absence of men that did it) took a bit longer, we did leave it up to Da Teacher who, with her vast experience of wine, found us a very fresh white wine that went well with the fish, a Sevre et Maine Muscadet.

Once the Fish n’ Chips were ordered a nice looking bottle of Vinegar was put in front of us, and both me and Da Teacher immediately thought about Mr Grumpy and how he would have appreciated it, as this is usually one of the most important issues for him. None of these three ladies even tried it to my knowledge.

The food was delivered quickly and in very nice looking news paper wrapping, pouring it out on the plate was the first disappointment of the evening as the portion was extremely small. One have to remember that the dish is listed on the menu under their medium dishes, it didn’t look like it was enough to fill you up though and as we later realized, it didn’t (the writer ended her night at McDonald’s). The fish of the evening was Pollack, which was decided is not a good Fish n’ Chips fish at all, mine was too soggy as well as burnt in one end. The sauce wasn’t really a sauce, but rather a clump of semi-identifiable ingredients that would have been great on a sandwich rather than on the side of Fish n’ Chips. And as to the chips – they weren’t! Once again we meet a plate that contains fries rather than Chips, so once again there are no score for crispness, the seasoning was however excellent and they were fried to perfection.

One of Da Teacher’s favourites of the evening was the deep-fried capers that came with the fish. Something that was less appreciated was the healthy runners that passed the window of the restaurant every now and then, healthy people and deep-fried food – not the best combination, not the fault of the restaurant though.

The final score landed on a decent 27.5, and at the time of writing a third place, not too bad at the price of 100dkk (plus the wine of course). Do you want to see the rest of the list? You find it here.

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