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Dear follower!

I will update the blog this weekend, promise! It’s just that the sun has been shining this week and I just had to spend sometime outside.

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#19 David Allen

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Go Sweden!

In time for the World Cup Quarter Finals, I finished another little piece of art, a Swedish flag. The package that this pattern came in has at one point in time also included a magnet, if I’m lucky I will find is somewhere in my apartment so I can gift it to someone and then make them feel bad if they don’t have it on their fridge.

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I had a plan!

That plan was to go straight home from work  today, do some grocery shopping and chill on the couch since tomorrow is race day. Then I realized that Göteborg and Malmö was playing against each other in football today and that couldn’t be missed, so plans were made to watch to that one in a bar where I turned out to be the only one  cheering for good old Gotham City (no wonder since we are in Malmö). Also, after a really intense day at work with meetings pretty much all day, meeting up with my favourite teacher for a while before hitting the train back home.

Thus the posts regarding my student budget, the beer fair this weekend and the pictures from the park will have to wait a bit longer. I do have a four-day weekend this weekend, so I might have some time then. Patience is appreciated 🙂

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Quack quack

On Friday night I needed something to do with my hands while watching Sweden get defeated by Russia in the Ice Hockey, and I wasn’t in the mood for knitting. As I rummaged through the drawer that contains my cross stitch patterns I found a small frog.

My grandmother used to collect frogs, she had quite a lot of them at the time of her passing, and I’m pretty sure that I purchased this frog with her in mind. Obviously this is one of those times when you postpone something it might be too late. I will try to ensure that this frog make it to her collection – I’ve heard that it is in very good hands.

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#18 C.S. Lewis

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

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Train food

As the poor student I currently am, I bring snacks on the train ride rather than stopping by the 7/11 to get some. Doing good I think!