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Here in Sweden we call it Valborg!

And it is another reason to hit the streets, or parks rather, to party. It’s where we freeze our asses of if we don’t fill our veins with alcohol, and stick it out late enough for the bonfire to start. It ended up as a rather cheap day as I seem to be phasing myself when it comes to coffee at work now when I have to “pay” for it, also due to all the coffee I have been purchasing on previous occasions at the coffee place up the street from work, I can now cash in free ones. I hope that all students make sure that they purchase their coffee in places where you get the x one for free.

Once I arrived to the park (a bit later than planned as I of course ended up staying at work a little bit later than planned) there was food on the barbecue for me so I didn’t have to spend money on that either all I brought was the six-pack of beer before being home by ten. Am I starting to get old?

Nah, one of the differences are that in Sweden the 1st of May is a holiday for everyone, however working in Denmark is not the same, so I had to be in the office the day after.

To sum up the day, I would guess that a student would’ve spent a lot more than me since this is one of the biggest party days of the year. I remember the year that I celebrated this in one of the best student towns in the country – there was something about Champagne Breakfast and then it just went downhill from there.

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