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Another Sunday, even better than the last one

For all of you that have desperately been missing my amazing posts regarding the student budget experiment, over the past week, I just want you to know that I am back! I was a bit off and went of the grid for a bit, due to this there is a gap in the experiment between the 2nd of May up until the 5th, these three days will be added at the end of the month instead, and I will try to not do it again.

This Sunday my mother came for a quick visit and I can now understand why students lover their mummies oh so much. It started with me having to do dishes and clean up a little bit, you can’t let mother see you at your worst, I was also informed that coffee was required upon arrival – as the nice daughter I am I bring out the manual grinder and the proper beans and start working on them. As both the grinder and the beans were birthday presents I can’t really tell you the exact cost of a cup of coffee, it will just have to be the standard fee (1,48sek, however since the beans was a present I could get away with 0,00sek). I even managed to server a homemade sponge-cake, and you will have to forgive me I will not calculate the cost of that one, it’s been in the freezer for a while.

After the first initial coffee we went for a walk in the sunny but chilly weather, and accidentally ended up down by the water in a really nice pasta restaurant called V.E.S.P.A. It’s a place where you really get value for money, and I have to admit that my value was super as mummy dearest spoilt me a bit with a free lunch. To be fair, I paid for the evening snacks, which wasn’t that of a heavy burden since you don’t really get hungry again the day you had pasta from afore-mentioned restaurant. Including the plastic bag we carried the tapas, chorizo and mineral water home in; 63,55sek.

I did add one post under groceries, as I assume that things required in the home such as dishcloth, waste bags etc falls under the groceries, I however want to split them apart. I guess I could add them under ‘Other’, I just don’t think they belong there. I also accidentally bought a book, I just couldn’t help myself.

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