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Shopping Therapy!

My mood is a little bit all over the place right now, I guess that is what happens when you have a job, still have to look for another job, and don’t have that much to do at the job that you have. Anyhow, when the mood is a little bit all over it doesn’t hurt when one of your friends ask if you want to come shopping after work, quite the opposite I would stay.

As per tradition we agreed to have meatball dinner at IKEA, since I hadn’t had too much for lunch that day and was starving to death, we started there.

Then we went through IKEA to see their selection and we where very restricted! It was funny because just the day before I thought to myself how great it would be with a hook in my bedroom for my robe, and guess what! They have hooks at IKEA, so all I came out with was two hooks and a basket for storage (was a bit disappointed when I got home and realized that the basket package only contained one, but that is what happens).

Another thing that I realized when I got home was that there were nothing in the package with the two hooks that would help me assist in hanging that same hook upon the wall. I still am amazed that me, a young(ish) single woman, manage to shake out two screws that match the hook, have a power drill that I can drill holes in the wall with and thus attach the hook to that wall. I am now very proud of my self.

Our next stop on the shopping trip was MediaMarkt, where I wanted to look for a Sodastreamer, something that has been on my wish list for I don’t know how long. I live in a country that has amazing water coming out of the tap, not to speak of that I bike to and from the grocery store, all this time dragging bottles of water home with me just because I want bubbles. Now there will be no more of that, I have my very own bubblemachine, and you can’t taste the difference from that water and the store-bought one. This will save me so much hassle I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels.

Third stop, and the last one where something was actually purchased, was Stadium. Here I have to add that my friend that was with me is a runaholic, and I needed a new sports bra with all the running I’m doing now a days. It was very efficient as she knows what she is talking about. Haven’t been able to take it out for a test run yet though so I shouldn’t say too much, I will hopefully be able to give a full review tomorrow for those who are interested.

We did do a final stop at ILVA, and I am very proud of the two of us as we managed to walk out of there without purchasing anything, that my friends is not easy!

2 thoughts on “Shopping Therapy!

    1. I don’t check my spam filter often enough, I only found this today. I think the water a bit further up on the best coast is better than down in Malmö, still nice down here.


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