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Sankt Nikolai Pub – Fish n’ Chips

Today’s outing brought us to the Sankt Nikolai Pub, which on this very blog has claimed to be a genuine English pub. How can me and my fellow fish and chippers resist such a challenge, and of course anyone that tracks down my little Fish and Chips experience and makes a comment deserves a visit.

Joining me today was the wonderful Da Teacher and Mr. Grumpy himself, the longest running fellow fish and chippers. We were running a bit late and once we were all gathered I was starving, and some of the tables around us were receiving their fish and chips as we were waiting, don’t make life easier at all. Pretty much the moment that Da Teacher sat down, I went up and ordered for us and not long after that the waiter came over to our table to tell us that there was a 20 minute wait before we could get our food. It was appreciated that he came and let us know still the wait is no fun; it’s not a good sign when the restaurant is maybe filled to a third of its capacity and the kitchen can’t deliver.

Well, we managed to entertain ourselves drinking our beer and chatting away and all of a sudden the food was in front of us – not a very impressive sight I have to say. The plate was not big enough for the food, my fish was obviously burnt and where is the tartar sauce? For a pub that claims, according to their menu, that they server UK Fish and Chips I would assume that there would be some tartar sauce available. And the plate size, the couple that was sitting at the table next to us had large square plates where the food looked so much better.

There is a big plus, from Mr. Grumpy our very own vinegar specialist, the vinegar placed on our table is the real vinegar from Sarsons, Da Teacher also enjoyed some brown sauce with her food. Yes, we still call it food, and one of the measurements that we have is the crispness of the fish, unfortunately for us today we met too crispy fish, mine where crispy to the point of burnt on one end. Da Teachers was perfect on one side and soggy on the other side.

The chips also seem to have come from different bags of chips; my plate looked like the last bit of one bag with all the tiny bits that sink to the bottom as the large yummy chips are firstly poured in to the fryer to become nice golden crispy chips. Mr. Grumpy had some of that together with more big chunks, and Da Teacher where happy with hers. Of course the little bits I had were crispy, the rest was soggy and their heat didn’t match the heat of the fish. It felt like the chips were ready 20 minutes before the fish and then kept warm while waiting for the fish to finish.

When it was time to pay for the food, confusion meets us. There are two prices on the menu and it is not clear when which of the two prices were applicable, not even the guy behind the bar seemed to know for sure as he first charged me the higher price of 149dkk and then when I asked about the lower price of 99dkk he apologized profusely and let me have the food for 99dkk.

Overall it is a nice little place in a good location, just a few minutes’ walk from the metro station; it does however not have the best Fish and Chips in Copenhagen, check here to see where they ended up in the ranking.

7 thoughts on “Sankt Nikolai Pub – Fish n’ Chips

  1. Dont you have anything better to do with your spare time than write blogs?as for the fish and chips at sankt nikolai ,i have to say,ive eaten there lots and found it to be quite wonderful.. Ican only assume it was an off day for them.Every timeim there i recieve great service and fantastic food.As for tartar sauce?where the hell have you been eating fish and chips?..


    1. Hvad er en dårlig dag for en restaurant. Det er personer der lever af det. Det kan være den ene dag de mennesker går ud, den uge, det år. Alle skal vel have den rigtig oplevelse hver gang de går ud. Alle der er kommet i en resturant, arbejdet i, eller gået fra, ved at de få timer er den tid resturanten har til at vise hvad de er, og hvad de kan.
      At invitere folk tilbage er ET STORT NEDERLAG.
      Hvad god service er og kommer an på har ikke noget med et dårligt køkken at gøre. Det cirkus, eller service der må/kan være er kun op til personalet på gulvet.
      De siger i Disney Ratatoullie alle kan lave mad … men ikke alle skal.



    2. If you read the next post you can see that the owner came back and ask if we could come back so that he could show us how it should be, you can also see that we agreed.

      The post is in no way meant to me mean, I just wrote as we saw it, bad day or not. Lets just see how it is the next time we go.


  2. Anonymous – don’t you have anyhing better to do with your time than put aggressive semi- literate comments on people’s blogs? In my experience it is common to be offered tartare sauce with fish n chips but if you really want to know ‘where the hell’ Carolina has been eating fish n chips then get someone to read you the blog you commented on!


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