Posted in Copenhagen

Everyone deserves a second chance!

The most hits that I get on this blog are in relation to Fish and Chips, this due to the aim of finding the best Fish and Chips in Copenhagen. It is nice, I have a reason to meet up with my friends and have a nice evening over some food and a fun time grading it once we finished. It is also nice that there are Pub owners in Copenhagen that find this blog and let us now that they are serving Fish and Chips so that we can come and try it.

The Fish and Chips testing last night was due to one of those owners, unfortunately he wasn’t very happy with the review, which I can understand – we weren’t very happy with the food. He did read it though and came back with some comments and assured us that the food is better than that;

We will of course make a second attempt on the Fish and Chips at the Sankt Nikolai Pub, how can we not? Watch this space for the outcome.

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