Quality of Life

Do I have anything better to do?

For my regular readers you know how much I go on, and on, and on, about comments on my blog and how much I appreciate when people do comment after reading one of the posts. The other day one reader did not agree with our review of the Fish and Chips we partook and gave air to the same on the post, completely acceptable to disagree, it is the question that start the comment that puzzles me a little bit; “Don’t you have anything better to do with your spare time than write blogs?”

That made me think about what I do with my spare time, do I spend all of it writing this blog? The answer is pretty easy; no. I would say that based on what I do with my spare time I have something  to write about in this blog. The search for the best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen is a hobby of sorts, it also allow me to spend time with my friends and have a good time. That is only one of my pass-times and it’s not everyday, every week, not even every month.

If you read the blog you can see that I like cooking, knitting and cross-stitching, reading, writing, running and biking amongst other things, so I guess that the answer to the question is that one doesn’t have to exclude the other. I have plenty of things to do on my spare time, I just happen to love writing about it as well because it make me feel good, reading it is optional.

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