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You know it’s Monday when…updated – update

A day that can only be a Monday is coming to its end, first it started, then it progressed, and now it is finally pretty much over!

  1. For some reason the water pressure in the shower has gone on vacation. I’m sure it’s only temporary. Totally over this now!
  2. The moment you shampooed your hair the hot water decides to go visit the water pressure. I’m not feeling cold anymore. That I even cared!
  3. There is still no service on your phone (that you happen to be addicted to). Service came back, woho! Well, service came back, can still not text my friends in Denmark, kind of sucks!
  4. The moment you leave the house the sky opens up and the rain pours down. Sun is now shining and weather is lovely. It has been pouring down on and off since I got home, with a tad of thunder now and then, totally flagging that run I wanted to take.
  5. Your bike is not parked where you left it and after a few minutes of looking you have to give up and walk to workI’m sure someone has just moved it, and I will find it after work. Bike was not found after work either, now on a mission to find the papers on it and receipt so I can tell Mr Police of my loss, and the insurance company of course.
  6. The moment you enter the office building, the clouds magically disperse and the sun comes out. Well, have to leave early to make it to the bank (see no 7) on time, so I might even get to enjoy it a bit :) See point 4!
  7. The code generator for your bank has decided to go bust, so you can’t go in and pay your bills that are all due on that exact day. As I hopefully will make it to the bank before they close today, everything should be sorted before 16:00! Miraculously there was no issues with the train today and I made it in time for the bank, waited in line for 20 minutes and my problem was solved in two 🙂

2 thoughts on “You know it’s Monday when…updated – update

  1. You know it is Monday when you buy a great TV at a really good price, get home delighted with yourself and then get told you have a month to find a new place to live.


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