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ECO Washing

This morning I just had to wake up at 6am, you know why? Because I’m working from home, so no need to get on the train and into the office. Well, since I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep I just decided to start of this beautiful Wednesday with a nice load of laundry and a cup of coffee.

I don’t know if it was the smell of the coffee, the early morning or maybe just a new awoken awareness that made me realize that my washing machine have something called ECO programs, so for each program there is an ECO washing option. Why on earth haven’t I used this before, I thought to myself, and obviously choose it this morning.Then I sat down on the couch and realized – I have no idea what the ECO program mean, what so ever, and then I turned to my good friend Google (where I found the nice picture above);

One answer I could find was that it has two water intakes, one for hot and one for cold water so it doesn’t heat the water itself, thus saving energy. However, my machine is only hooked up to the hot water pipe, so I guess it doesn’t help me (and that means it doesn’t heat the water really, anyhow).

It also seems like it might be using less water, which I guess is good for the environment as well, I’m sure I will find out soon. There is a third option too that I found, and that is that it is using faster spin-cycle that will leave your clothes dryer so that less time is needed in the tumbler, again, I hang-dry my clothes so this doesn’t really mean that much to me either.

Since my friend, the almighty Google, doesn’t seem to be able to be of assistance in this matter I guess I’ll just have to do what any other person would do – I’ll send a mail to Electrolux and ask them!

Electrolux came back pretty much straight away with (my translation) the following answer;

“The ECO machine has another heating phase of the water and uses less water, however the cycle time might be longer”.

So I guess it is a good thing!

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Right now it feels like everything is not going my way, you know that feeling? From the smallest thing like spilling coffee or something alike to larger things like missing the train, or just missing out on that job, anything is doomed to go wrong.

What does one do about it? it feels like if you get of that couch to do anything, you already know that it wont work, so you don’t move.

I guess all I can do is actually get of the couch and do something, keeping my fingers crossed that it goes as it should and next time something goes wrong – remember the one thing that didn’t!

I might as well try it, right now it doesn’t feel like it can get any worse, just watch this space to find out how the rest of the day goes…wish me luck!

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Meat Free Monday

Very much aligned with my attempt to become nicer to the environment, my favorite magazine Allt Om Mat featured a short article about the meat free Monday movement.

The movement was started by Sir Paul McCartney himself, and for once it doesn’t ask you to completely give up meat, just to do it once a week. I love my meat, I really love my meat, however if it does good, then why not not eat it once a week.

I’ll admit that I do not totally buy into how much worse eating meat is compared to not eating it, and it will take some convincing before I do.

In the mean time, Mondays will be meat free. Please join me in it, and most of all, please share your awesome vegetarian recipes! And hey, you can always support the actual campaign by donating money (I have nothing to do with this and none of the money will go to me in any way) here.

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One small step to be nicer to the environment

It turns out that my power supplier have the option of choosing environmentally friendly power;I know that the above picture is in Swedish, the option I ticked is the water power, I admit I do it because it’s free while the wind cost extra money.(Thank you for making an active choice for the environment!)

It was very easy, all I had to do was log on to “My pages”, tick the water power and press ok. There shouldn’t be any reason not to do it if the opportunity is there, unless you have issues with water power of course.


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How close can you get to getting a job without getting it?

I know the answer to that question!

On Friday the call came regarding the job I have been for two interviews on, a job that sounded really interesting and moving me into the direction that I want to go (with the fancy title of ERP Specialist). The call started in a good way;

They loved your personality and your skills!

Well, then you think “I’m in!”, then the call continues;

Mr X, would love to hire you!

This is where you start doing cartwheels trying to not drop the phone or make funny noises to scare Mr Headhunter of, then it comes the all evil BUT;

Mr X’s manager insists on this one requirement to be fulfilled!

And there the dream of a new job ended, almost;

It is pretty much impossible to find someone who fulfills this requirement, so if anything changes the job is yours.

And that is how close you can get to getting a job without getting it, so hey! there is still a very skilled ERP specialist available for you!

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I’m still alive!

I know it has been quiet on all fronts, I’m fine though, I’m alive and kicking, well at least alive. If you wonder about the silence, it’s all Gordon Ramsey’s fault!

Yesterday the UK Celeb version of Hells kitchen was found!