Something borrowed!

When you don’t always have your head with you, it is a good thing that your sister have about the same size feet as you!



As I am currently visiting my parents in Gotham City I do not have access to my full wardrobe, and even though I was standing in the hallway of my own home staring at my shoes thinking about what I forgotten while packing this time, it didn’t hit me until I boarded the train.

I managed to pack all clothes relevant for a run, except for the shoes. However, that was quickly sorted last night and today I could go out for a short run.

It was though today, the air was really heavy and hard to breath so the running went slow and not very energetic.

There is one more thing, they have hills in Gotham!!! I actually had to run upwards – my body is still in shock. Now, time for Fish and Chips.

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