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Sankt Nikolai Pub – Revisited – Fish n’ Chips

The loyal followers of the Fish n’ Chips challenge knows that the owner of the Sankt Nikolai Pub wasn’t very happy with the review that I wrote after our last visit. He asked us back for a second try, and so yesterday we made our way back to the Sankt Nikolai for Fish n’ Chips. Remember when reading this, that the time was booked in advance with the owner so he knew that we were coming. We, this time is the same trio as the last time, me, Mr Grumpy and Da Teacher.

The good thing about booking in advance, and the owner knowing why we are there, is that we didn’t have to order, he came and asked us if we wanted the Mushy Peas etc (Mr Grumpy turned them down, seems he doesn’t like them very much). Compared to last time, we were the only one eating when we arrived at the Pub, and food was delivered relatively quickly. Another difference from last time, was that this time around we got the larger portion for 149dkk (the menu has now been updated to clearly show the difference between the two);As we received our food, it becomes clear that the 149dkk comes with Baked Beans, which Da Teacher thought went very well together with Fish n’ Chips, as well as bread, pickles and beetroot. Trust me you do not walk away from this meal hungry.

This time, we got the large plates that we saw other guests eating of the last visit, and now we know the difference; if you order the cheaper alternative, you get a smaller plate, if you order the more expensive alternative you get the larger plate, even though the sides are served on a separate plate. This time around, the chips were all from the same bag and warm, not warm enough according to Mr Grumpy where as Da Teacher had burns on her tongue from eating her first. The mushy peas were warm as well, which we all agree should be the case.

Then we have the Tartar Sauce, a requirement and something that we grade in this Challenge, the last time it was completely missing, this time it had been ordered and we received small sachets of Heinz Tartar Sauce. I wouldn’t say it is the best sauce we had, however it was present and brought up the grade from 0.All in all, the experience this time was better, and the score show the same as Sankt Nikolai (the 149dkk attempt) brought the Pub up to a second place in The Best Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen challenge. 

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