How about being nice to the environment?

I think I have found my new project!

I know that I am behind on the updates on several of my previous projects, and I will do my best to catch up, in the mean time I have considered what my next project will be. And today I think I figured it out!

When I get bored I surf around on the big wide web for blogs, quotes and other inspirational things to read, and a very good place to find the same is WordPress’s very own Freshly pressed page. The post I found, “My Day In Plastic“, talks about the writers plastic consumption and how hard it is to avoid plastic in our daily life.

For me it think about the environment and how un environmentally friendly I have become in my older (but still young age). I guess that when I was a kid, there was a wave of environmental thinking, the paper wasn’t white it was brown-yellow until they found a kind to the environment way to bleach it bright white again. We where thoroughly thought to find a bin for our waste and not just drop it on the ground, recycling cans and plastic bottles etc. Most of that thinking seem to have gone out of the window now, I still don’t throw things on the ground (except for my cigarette butts, which is bad enough I guess) I either find a bin or put it in my bag.

I can hear a lot of my friends going uh-oh right now, don’t you worry people, I will not impose (too much) on you with this, some of it might come naturally of course, other than that, this for me.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet – I will try to become more in tune with being nice to the environment. How will I do this? Well, no more coffees in take-away cups, not wasting napkins, avoid buying things with unnecessary packaging etc.

Lets start with one week and see how it goes!

5 thoughts on “I think I have found my new project!

      1. Still, I think it’s a good idea. Not just for you, for everybody.

        Motivational story for you:
        I sort the bio-garbage in a separate bin, and throw it out to a bio-waste bin in the courtyard. Last week I was just emptying the semi-transparent bio-bag into the big garbage bin in the courtyard and I thought to myself “hmm, that’s odd. I don’t remember throwing away so many sesame seeds. Why would we throw out such a tremendous amount of sesame seeds”, since I could see just tons of them on the surface of the bag. So, smart as I am, I bring it close to my face to inspect the bag (stupid me, I already had that ‘don’t go into the house alone’ feeling you get when you watch horror movies) and I saw… the sesame seeds were all moving. And they were not sesame seeds at all. But larvae, hundreds of them. Crawling around all over the bag. Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

        Moral of the story: It isn’t always easy or nice, but it’s our responsibility to do it anyway,


        1. Eeeeew! Silly you for putting your face in it! We don’t have a compost where I live, and with the current heatwave I will not create one in my apartment. Just have to find another way to not waste left-overs…

          I think that once I start paying attention to what impact a little person like me have, I will get the angst, maybe that is for the good though. I won’t stop eating meat though, that is pushing it too far!


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