Being a good little student – almost

Pages read this far today: 22

It has been a while since I made a decent attempt on being a student, and finding a bit hard to sit down and just read. As I’m sitting with the book in my lap, on my parents very comfortable couch, my thoughts seem to wander in a thousand different directions, none of them related to what I am reading.

Don’t get me wrong, the topic is interesting and fascinating comparing the texts from several different early civilizations, definitely something I want to know more about, so why is it so hard to focus?

I am trying to steal inspiration from my mother that is currently sitting at the kitchen table completely lost in her own world and a book of maths, doing her equations as a good little student should, it isn’t working either – as you can tell I turn to my blog instead.

As I know that more than one person that occasionally visit my blog are in possession of nice little university degrees, I though that maybe I can get some advise! What is your best study tip?

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