A challenge raised by Miss T

A challenge raised by Miss T

I think that in increase in alcohol consumption during the summer is quite common here in the Scandinavian countries, and as autumn falls upon us it is time to cut down again. The evenings are getting darker and we are more prone to sitting at home on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket than going out with friends for a drink.

Today Miss T raised a challenge and I told her there will be blogging about it, not much happens in my life without going on the blog, I’ll try to get her to do some guest-blogging as well. Anyhow, this is related to October and our alcohol consumption during that month, or the lack of thereof. She is not completely heartless, we get four occasions where alcohol may be consumed, four! And we get to pick them ourselves, great isn’t it.

Since I rarely turn a challenge down of course I agreed, so as of October 1st no alcohol is back on, and by November if we managed it we get a reward still to be agreed on. You have any good ideas on what? And of course anyone that wants to join may, and are more than welcome to guest blog about the experience.

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