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50 Shades of what is the fuss all about

Last night I finished the 50 shades trilogy, and I will admit without fuss that the only reason I read it was to find out what all the fuss was about.I will admit that the first book do contain some explicit sex scenes and it will be interesting to see how they sort those parts out when making the movie. Already here the story and the language sound very much like the Historical Romance books that I have an addiction to (I have no issue admitting to that, they are awesome because you know the basics and how they will end). The main points in the Historical Romance is usually a very handsome, very rich, very troubled man and a not so rich, beautiful without knowing it, younger woman. For those who read 50 shades know exactly what I am talking about.The major difference between classical romance books and 50 shades is the three books rather than one. I feel that three books is just sticking to the times where pretty much everything have to be a series of a minimum three. Thus the second book is boring and without meaning, it’s just a fill between book one and three to make sure that there were three books. As I read in one of the reviews on Goodreads, even the main character Ana is so bored that she goes playing in the play room. However, the same review states that one can not change a mans lifelong sexual habits in five weeks, and I just want to point out that this is what we call fiction! It’s a love story and it doesn’t have to be realistic in any way.I understand that several people stop reading after the second book, their mistake as the third book is better than the second. If you only read the books for the sex, then you can skip book two completely. It does develop more into a pure love story in the third and last book, and a sweet one as such. And of course (**spoiler alert**) there is the required happy ending.

I can see that the explicit sex scenes can be alluring for some people, however any reader of what I call dirty books, i.e. romance books, will not be that surprised really. If you are expecting a story about a BDSM relationship and think that you will get an insight in how that works, then this is not the book to read. It’s a love story fair and square!

4 thoughts on “50 Shades of what is the fuss all about

  1. I Really do not know what the fuss is about. A friend gave me a copy. It is like a glorified mills and boon romance novel ( for those of you who remember), the writing was very juvenile i.e. childish, with some sex thrown in. You can get more sex in novels I have borrowed from the local Library. Very immature writing.


    1. I’d say that the Mills and boon books are better! I actually enjoy reading them and have a whole box of them in the basement. I think that the fuss might be about the dominance, which isn’t that well described or played out anyhow.

      I guess it all comes down to what you normally read, I think plenty of people saw this as an opportunity to read something dirty without sneaking around with it.


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