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I guess what you can call an American castle

Saturday morning I find myself waking up in the big Americas, Charlotte to be more precise, and I know I have an exciting day in front of me as it is road trip day! We started the day with something that I have had cravings for since the last time I was here; breakfast at Cracker Barrel! I just love their food, and I would say I pretty much devoured it (that’s what a full day on airplane food does to you);






It tasted as good as it did the last time!

As we hit the road, we do it in style like all ladies do, and yes the top was down during large parts of the trip, why? Because I’m no longer in cold Scandinavia where you need shoes, socks, jackets and hats to not freeze, oh why can’t life always be like vacation?The destination of the day was a place called Asheville (not to confuse with CastleVille) about two hours drive from Charlotte and a large house called Biltmore.

The Biltmore was built by George W. Vanderbilt from the very rich Vanderbilt family (here I will now attempt to give some facts about the same, please correct me if I’m wrong) that managed to make loads of money on mainly steamboats and railroads. He decided to use some of all the money that his family made on building a very large house called the Biltmore, which is the largest home in the USA and was completed in 1895.

We went on what was called the architectural tour, which takes you up on the roof where we got to see some more of the amazing view from the building. Seeing the house and it’s surroundings I seriously wish that I was rich! These are some of the pictures, I might publish some more later on.

After the guided tour we walked around in the building, in the parts open for public, and of course you are not allowed to take any pictures. The place is amazing though with all the different bedrooms and living areas, libraries and gym. In the basement there is even a pool. Since I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures I am now on the hunt for a book that contains good pictures from inside the building, not the guide book that they sell at the house but more of a photo book, so if anyone heard of a good let me know.

Rather than driving back down to Charlotte in the evening, we spent the night at a hotel in Asheville. A small tip, if a hotel states that they have an inside pool, check what time they close it! This one closed at seven pm, we didn’t even have time to go check it out. What the hotel did have that was good, was the shuttle service to downtown Asheville, so after getting acquainted with the hotel room we left for downtown dinner, shopping and maybe a drink or two.


We started with walking around looking for a restaurant and stumbled over a really nice tapas place called Zambra, and seriously if you ever pass by this part of the world, go there for dinner. Their tapas were to die for and both of us wished we could eat more than we did. Below you can see the Turnip soup and the Sesame crusted scallops, unfortunately the pictures of the spring rolls didn’t come out, they were the best thing of all the items we tried.






When we left the restaurant I managed to find a shop that was still open so I accidentally happened to buy a couple of pairs of shoes, a hat and two tops – oops!














The evening ended in a place called the Asheville Yacht Club, membership required but oh so worth it. Nice staff, nice drinks and fun people, good thing that the hotel had a shuttle service, we needed it!

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