Quality of Life

Endings and new beginnings

My vacation is coming to an end, in just a few hours I will board the plane and start making my way back to Europe, Scandinavia, home. It’s not only my vacation that ends, it’s also the month of September, and in some ways it feels like October is for fresh slates.

My old managers will have left the company and a new one awaits, with that I’ll hopefully see my last three months in the current job filled with meaningful tasks. Maybe that will bring some normal into my Monday through Friday life, time will tell as I make my way into the office on Tuesday.

October also come with the two challenges, the one from Miss T and the one from myself, that should keep me busy trough the month together with my studying. I took the decision to let this vacation be vacation from studying as well so now I have some catching up to do when I get back home, guess that my social life will have to suffer a bit (am sure my friends will forgive me though).

I’m also hoping that my Favorite Latte-mum is ready to head back to the gym, I really miss my Bodybalance classes, and I am old enough to go by myself, it is nicer when you are two though. I hope that I might be able to get stating with the weekend yoga classes as well, but for some reason yoga classes are always early in the morning and I’m still not a morning person. Lets see what happens.

October evenings are dark and cold, autumn arrives for real, thus movie season time – lets see if I can go see one movie a week. It’s one of my favorite pastimes that I just don’t get around to doing. Any volunteers to join me, just let me know and any good movie suggestions are welcome!

What’s your plans for October?

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