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This is what you talk about when you talk quality of life!

It’s already Wednesday again and that means working from home, something that must be one of the best inventions ever. You get started earlier in the morning since you don’t have to get to work first, you get more done since it’s nice and quiet, and you get to enjoy spending time in your own home! Another added benefit for us office workers with dress code at work is that one can work in their PJ’s – loving it!

Today is also the last day of October, crazy how fast the months are passing by. Later today I will do re-caps on the October challenges and start prepping for the November ones, don’t forget; if you want a snail-mail letter during November you need to send me your address.

Now I have to get back to my reports, excel and a tad bit of PowerPoint, LOVING IT!

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Meat Free Monday No 8 – Lunch

The super exciting lunch served in the company canteen today, for us that doesn’t eat meat.

The red curry soup tasted better than it looks, and the rest wasn’t that great.

As it now is 10:20pm I will admit that my dinner was carrots and dip, so don’t expect some fancy dinner update.

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Always remembered, never forgotten…

12 years ago today there was a fire, and after that our lives changed forever, in different ways for all of us.

In the beginning we all remembered, every year, together. As the years passes by it become less and less together and more apart.

I remembered when the Tsunami happened, I remembered when Utøya happened, you remember because it is same, same but different. There are the crying people, there are the flowers, and there are the messages that no one will forget.

People forget, by the end only few remember, and you remember more sometimes and sometimes you don’t remember at all because life goes one, just with fewer people in it. Other people. Other places.

Then we remember again, today we remember again, at least some of us do. Some people are never forgotten!

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At least it’s not clothes!

This afternoon I just went to the shop to look for some hooks, the kitchen wall need them as I’m doing some decoration, however I didn’t find any! What I did find was some envelopes in preparation for one of my November challenges, a new magazine about books and reading and a bag. In defense of the bag, I don’t have one in that color or size before, and you know what they say; One can never have too many bags!

I almost forgot the glass jar, it’s for some sand that accidentally came home with me from Miami, I just have to find it – it should be somewhere here in the apartment.

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What an Sunday evening!

After an intense weekend with my sister and her two absolutely lovely daughters and then some time to enjoy the amazing weather, I finally get around to write my to-do list for today. It’s already quarter to five, not sure how much will actually get done;

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Daily Promt

Being home sick, sitting on the couch falling in and out of sleep bores me, thankfully there is the internet even if it tunes in and out more than I do. Surfing around I found WordPress’s very own Daily Prompt, that is there to help people out with blogging, you know them prompt them to start writing – and here I thought blogging was something you did when you had something to blog about, guess that was just me.

Today’s prompt was;

What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

So firstly we have people who are sitting there, stuck, maybe on a temporary low on ideas for what to write about and then we just make them sit and think about what other people think and say about them. For me, the simple answer would be that i don’t care enough about what other people say to have an answer.

Once upon a time I did care, it just makes you so depressed to always walk on eggshells to make sure that you don’t offend someone so they go say things behind your back, or that you cross a line that you didn’t know was there and make some a mortal enemy for ever.

It shouldn’t matter what people say about you! Be happy with yourself and it all that matters!

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It seem like it is time to stop shopping at H&M

I absolutely love H&M as their clothes fit me perfectly, I usually never try them on in the store or just order online and they still fit because I know my sizes. I guess the best of all is that they are affordable and if you like something in one color you can afford to buy the same item in one or several more colors.

Me as any other sane person realize that cheap clothes like that comes to a cost and as long as that cost is on the people making the clothes. It is easy to pretend that there aren’t underpaid women in Asia working to long hours to feed their children, as long as it stay hidden.

However when it comes into light, then it is hard to keep pretending. And when it sounds like H&M aren’t interested in actually doing something about the situation, then I’m not really interested in shopping at H&M. If H&M think that Cambodia should be happy that they utilize services from their country! Really, so because H&M are doing them a favor it’s just fine to not care at all about the little person? At least give them decent working conditions!

Right now, I would say that about 90% of my wardrobe comes from H&M – that will not be the future as I will now stop shopping there until they adopt a more humane attitude!