Quality of Life

The mysterious someone

Everyone keep telling me that I need to meet someone, or it would be nice if I did meet that someone or they wonder why I haven’t met someone. Someone in this context is a man!

I’m 32 ½ years old and single with very few “real” relationships behind me. In one way I understand the need for this someone, the apartment sometimes feel a bit lonely and it would be nice to have someone to cuddle on the couch with, in front of a good movie for example.

A lot of other things are also nicer if you experience them with someone, going travelling for example, discovering new places and things, having someone to share the memory with forever.

I have been on dates, the spark just haven’t been there. I have tried online dating, and I’m sorry but I don’t have the patience to filter out all the weirdos that contact you on those sites, and it cost money.

Plenty of my friends tell me that they are looking for a man for me, or they will find this someone for me, still nothing on that front. So I figured that if I just make a list of what I want/expect out of this someone, maybe you all can spread the word and just have this someone to contact me through the blog.

Appreciate your help all, and here is the list;


Financial Stability


Tall, dark and handsome




Interests similar to mine





Sense of humour

Ps: It would make my mama really happy!

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