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Miss T’s challenge

This is a guest blog entrance from Miss T, home sick feeling sorry for myself and watching the updated version of Titanic. Isnt it fabulus how they have a few Swedish guys playing poker with Leo and his buddy, but no one in Sweden speaks the Swedish they do, its Americans speaking Swedish. In a great, expensive movie like that, they should have been able to dig out a couple of real Sweds.

Anyway… I was here to talk about the challenge. I am a real red-wine drinker. I basically dont drink alcohol if its not red wine, which is good, but i love my red wine, which is not so good. I love to enjoy one or two glasses every now and then, for example wity my dear Carolina on numberous occasions on Lilla Torg or Vapiano. And with that, add business dinners and other events, and all of the sudden there is a few glasses each week.

Knowing that Carolina is always game, i asked her if she wanted to try out a month without drinking – what we in sweden calls a White Month – and accepted without hesitation. However, as she pointed out herself, i am not “totally heartless” so I have us (probably myself more than her) 4 opportunities to drink during October. we can pick the times oursleves, so it might be that we spoil them the first week. So far its going good but again, its only the 2nd yet so 🙂

When we suceed (no haters) we will reward ourselves with a fine price. I imagine a nice spa treatment that is yet overdue, or a good dinner out.

So you blog readers, please help me keep and eye on good Carolina to make sure there is no cheating involved. In the meantime, ill keep an eye on myself regarding same 🙂

And… if Carolina reads this, a certain Miss T certainly doesnt mind if you wish to try your excellent cooking skills in my kitchen any time soon 🙂

with love

Miss T

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