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Lesson learned

I’m gonna give you all a good laugh now, I mean I can’t only share the good times here on the blog I need to share the other stuff as well.

Tonight I did something that we call a Michael, mainly because once upon a time he did it every now and then, he doesn’t anymore because he met a lady and that got him to start behaving.

Anyhow, today after work (that was a pretty good day at work by the way and I’m looking forward to tomorrow) I met up with some friends after work for some of these;

I didn’t have that many and I did time the train home so I would make it in time before the grocery store closed in order to buy me some nice dinner food. Sound good, doesn’t it? Well, I forgot about the jet lag!

I remember the train stopping at the station named Tårnby, that is the station before he airport in Copenhagen, after that it’s two stops in Sweden and then the Malmö Central station. Since this morning I had to pass by the library to return some books before going to work my bike was even parked at the station before Malmö C.

Anyhow, somewhere between Tårnby and Copenhagen airport I fell asleep, I didn’t even see it coming, if I do I set my phone alarm to make sure I wake up in time, today I didn’t!

When I woke up I didn’t recognize the name of the station, and as I wasn’t really awake yet – seriously confused. However my brain told me to get of the train, good thing I did. I was at this point three stops after Malmö Central and four after the station I needed to get off. Even though it is only twenty minutes on the train, I had to wait 40 minutes for a return train, tired and cold, needless to say the grocery store wasn’t open when I got home so I had to stop by one of the burger places to score some food.

Lesson learned, don’t mix beer and jet lag!

Additionally, in the name of justifying money spent, about DKK 200 on beer hanging out with my friends and getting some quality time. Then we have SEK 50 for the train trip back, not that hard I just had to get home, last but not least SEK 81 on food at Max (do I even have to try to justify eating?). Any objections?

Another addition, this was the first out of four nights with alcohol consumption in the month of October, for you that are keeping track!

As to the impact on the environment, I need to check on Carlsberg’s environmental policies before I know on that part. Trains are good enough and Max CO compensate for their carbon footprint, so I picked the right fastfood.

2 thoughts on “Lesson learned

  1. dont forget to mention that you went to ESLÖV, several years in a row voted the “most boring city in Sweden” of all places


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