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Movie of the Week – Hamilton, men inte om det gäller din dotter

I guess I lost most of my readers just at the title. The movie this week was a Swedish one, I let my mother pick as she was nice enough to come down and visit me this weekend.

If I still have any English speaking people reading here is a translation; Hamilton, but not in the case of your daughter. Hamilton is our very own Swedish action hero created by the author Jan Guillou, and I have to admit that the movie was better than expected for a Swedish action movie.

The basic story is that Hamilton’s god daughter is kidnapped and as the super hero he is, he goes of to save her with the help of agents in MI6 and some Arabic country. I will with no issue confess that the part I liked most of the movie was the very indiscrete criticism of the US agent caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

If you are one of the people who can handle at least small amounts of subtitles you could see this film, as a very large part of it is in English.

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