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The things I didn’t buy

As I mentioned in the previous post, my mother was visiting this weekend. It was really nice of her to come down on such short notice because I wanted to celebrate her birthday. It was on Tuesday, and since I came back from the US on Monday I wasn’t in the ‘travelling to Gotham City’ mood for this weekend and asked if she wanted to come here instead, and she did.

Saturday was spent on the walking street here in Malmö, where you find plenty of nice stores as well as plenty of nice things. These are some of the items that I resisted to purchase, mostly as they are a bit outside my price level (if any of you know where I can find cheaper versions please let me know where).





Oh, you are still here. Nice stuff, right? Ok, I admit that I might have spent a little bit of money, it is hard to walk in and out of stores filled with nice things for a whole day without purchasing anything at all, here goes with justifications (you can laugh as much as you want!);

The book and leggings are pretty easy, one always need something to read and this one seemed pretty good and a bit unusual, the leggings are for wearing with the new dress I bought in the US (before October started, post should be posted soon). The magazine is pretty easy too, it’s called “We are reading” and is all about books and authors which happens to be one of my favorite topics.

Regarding the shoes, not sure I really need them, I don’t have any looking just like them, that’s for sure. I also heard that I’m a woman and women should have shoes for each and every possible happening and outfit there is, right?

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