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Movie of the Week – Palme

If you are Swedish this is a must see movie, even if you are old enough to remember what happened back then. For someone who was only six when Olof Palme was murdered it was interesting to see what was going on back then, why he became the though of the nation and the world.

For you who don’t know who Olof Palme is, he was the Prime Minister of Sweden during the seventies and the beginning of the eighties until he was shot to death in 1986 while walking home from the cinema together with his wife. During his time serving his country he made several controversial decisions and statements, like criticizing the Americans bombing of Hanoi, which lead to the two countries not having ambassadors in each others countries for two years following.

The movie is a documentary with images, interviews with both friends, family and colleagues as well as imagery from around the world at that time. It becomes both a history lesson as well as giving you insight to the person, father and husband Olof. I had my doubts about 109 minutes of documentary about one person, there is however a reason why the movie was sold out on a Saturday night, it’s just plain darn good! You become completely absorbed in the picture that is being painted to you, and even if I do not share the political views with this man I feel myself agreeing with him on so many levels.

To me, what I saw and what I took with me from this movie was that once upon a time, Sweden had a prime minister with balls someone who spoke their mind and wasn’t afraid to piss someone of, I wish we could have a little bit more of that now a days, where people are more worried about losing their job than taking care of Sweden and making our point in the big scary world out there.

If you have the chance, not living in Sweden, to see this movie then go! This is one of those movies that might actually make into my home as a DVD.

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